Meet with Dr. Vrishali Rohankar

Dr Vrishali Rohankar

With over two decades of experience as a General Physician, Dr. Vrishali Rohankar, is an iconic GP currently serving humanity with fervor at Life Medical Centre – DWTC, World Trade Center. She completed her MBBS at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Maharashtra, India. She did her Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. Moreover, she has also studied Masters in Diabetes Education and Management from Eton University, USA. She specializes in effectively and compassionately treating health issues leading to chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Asthma.

Dr. Vrishali believes in holistic health can be made possible through a stable and healthy lifestyle. Apart from hereditary factors, patients develop Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol when they lead a life full of whims related to unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and smoking. She believes in raising consistent awareness to empower people about general health and prevention of these diseases. She also encourages her patients to build a powerful bond with nature. She believes people who are closer to nature, depend on organic foods, balanced diet, regular exercise, healthy environment, and a stable outdoor life apart from the need for staying indoors, are able to foster better health and resilience. Nature gives us energy and peace naturally that can help us fight diseases and health problems. Dr. Vrishali has a unidimensional vision pertaining to Ethical and affordable health for all. She is on a mission to ensure diseases are diagnosed at initial stages to prevent complications. To achieve this, she continues to upgrade her research in recent medicinal advancements.

Dr. Vrishali’s Professional Achievements:

Discussing her professional achievements, Dr. Vrishali Rohankar says, “I have been instrumental in asthma management with critical patients. I am a mentor and advisor to several young medical professionals and guide them in critical patient management, being on the advisory panel member for opinionat-ing the usage of drugs to control asthma.” She has been a health mentor and a guide for thousands of patients. Her digital presence via news, and talk shows has been reaching out to thousands of people worldwide to add value to their health knowledge. Dr. Vrishali advises patients with asthma to consciously choose dust free and pollution free environment. She recommends specific allergy tests to detect possible allergens and to avoid exposure to them.

Healthy Lifestyle Advocate:

Dr. Vrishali strong advocates a healthy lifestyle. People who consume healthy food, and have healthy habits with a positive mindset, are definitely on a road towards happier, healthier and fulfilling life. They are likely to live longer and sustain good health. She recommends to eat natural foods, avoid processed foods, refined fats, excessive carbohydrates to control lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. She advises all her patients to exercise daily and foster good habits.

In Dr. Vrishali’s views stress is a major component in controlling human health in the present days. People experience emotional stress, social stress, workplace stress and anxiety almost all the time. The best way to wade through this is to manage stress, shed unnecessary worries, sleep well and exercise daily. Meditation is a great way of stabilizing mental and emotional health. This will keep the mind stable. People with healthy and positive thoughts are not only valuable companions to a person but also add to their overall experience of life positively.

Clarity and Focus:

Dr. Vrishali always cherishes clarity and focus. Even at a younger age, during her teens she knew what she wanted with life and her choice of her professional career came from the same sense of clarity. She is passionate about serving people and supporting them in leading healthy life. It is obvious from her dedication, devotion, perseverance and focus at developing a thriving career and spreading awareness of healthy lifestyle. Her devotion is commendable as her journey inspires many younger women. She has been motivated and inspired by her parents who have given her the core value system she lives on. She wants to spread more smiles by making cure possible for her patients.

Woman Empowerment:

“An empowered woman carries the responsibility of inspiring more women to be strong and reliable”, says visionary Dr. Vrishali. Speaking about various challenges today’s women face, Dr. Vrishali states, “Women are caregivers, they just have to focus on their health first to ensure all others around them are cared for too”. Obviously, a caregiver with a healthy mind and body will be blessing for all to have around. Dr. Vrishali shares knowledge actively on LinkedIn and Instagram. She is available for consultation at Life Medical Centre -DWTC (Dubai World Trade Center) located just outside the World Trade center metro station.