Emirati Artist Sakina Mohammad Alblooshi found her Muse during Covid 19 Lockdown

Meet with the passionate young Emirati artist, Sakina Mohammad Alblooshi. She studied art and made her way of understanding and communicating herself. Her works have been exhibited in various art exhibitions across Dubai. Her art is rooted firmly in her passion and appreciation of life.

Hi, Sakina please tell us about yourself, your early college years, and what you consider is the mission in life.

I, Sakina Mohammad Alblooshi, am 31 years old, graduated from the Higher Colleges of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Media corporate communications. I have been an enthusiastic learner all my life. Reading and drawing have opened many windows for me while I grew up. I have always been attracted to art; it is my natural aptitude. From a very young age I have been expressing myself through drawings. The depth of my work impressed my teachers; they encouraged me to pursue art in my education and that is how I was able to learn to paint and draw professionally.

Most of my works have been created during the Coronavirus lockdowns in 2020 as that was the time I could disconnect from other responsibilities and dive deep within to empower the artist inside of me.

My imagination gained its peak during the pandemic in 2020 and I create many paintings during that year. My first solo exhibition was also during 2020 as my mind was at its creative hike.

As an artist, I am enamored of the abstract. Majority of my work is abstract art. I use different techniques of stippling and splattering to give expression to my thoughts and ideas. I use acrylics for art however, some of my works are also in oil colors and water colors. I have been inspired by the works of the Emirati artist Latifa Mohammed, who specializes in portrait painting. I have also found the works of Fatima Al Hammadi, the Calligraphy artist, very inspiring. Moreover, the works of Lamia Manhal are great. Often her art triggers ideas for me.

What do you believe is the greatest achievement in your life? How did you make it possible? Share a few facts from your journey.

I believe that the greatest achievement in my life has been to participate in the 6th edition of the largest exhibition organized in Dubai – World Art Dubai. It was organized in Dubai World Trade Centre from 8-10 October 2020. It was my first experience to present my art officially on a large platform to the public. I did not plan it and I did not expect to sell any painting in it, but I was surprised two of my works were sold during this event. I am very enthusiastic to showcase my art in future exhibitions as well as this one was a very encouraging experience.

It is not possible for anyone to reach a certain level without driving force, what has been your greatest driving force? What kept you motivated through life’s journey?

Art has been a catharsis for me. My locked-up feelings and energy found release through paintings and drawings. Now with many of my works admired by hundreds of art lovers, I am motivated to carry on and create more. In the beginning, I took art as hobby, but now it has become my passion.

What has been the most exciting story in your journey? Something that clicked with you and is unforgettable?

The times of Covid-19 Lockdown were completely differently. The journey through the pandemic woke me up. As we were restricted during most of the 2020 year, I could make time to study more techniques and understand nuances of art. I explored my innate talent and created many works of art during this time. It was a breakthrough. My imagination was at its peak. I experimented with techniques and tools, upgraded by studio with more art materials and worked effortlessly to explore art vistas. It was thrilling. I grew exponentially. This is what I call turning challenges into opportunities. I will never forget those days and they will remain engraved in me.

What sets you apart from others in your field?

The thing that distinguishes me from others is the diversity of topics and the use of different techniques in art coming from my feelings and thoughts.

What are your present priorities and where do you envision yourself in the future? What are your strengths? How did you discover them?

One of my major priorities is to learn more art techniques. I want to create a technique that distinguishes me from others in a powerful way. The world of art is limitless and deep. I see myself as a rising artist in abstract art.

What advice do you have for young artists?  How do you believe they should make personal development and growth possible?

We all face difficult challenges in our artistic lives, but the smart ones are those who turn these difficulties into opportunities. Here are some useful tips for young artists:

1- Love and enjoy what you do.

2- Take advantage of every hour, every minute, and every second by indulging yourself in meaningful activities of practicing your talent, as it is the best way to improve and develop.

3- Learn constantly

4- Don’t compare yourself to others; everyone has their own unique style.

5- Avoid negative people.

Who has inspired you the most in your life and how?

My mother has inspired me the most. She has always been by my side offering the best guidance and love.

What has been the most difficult moment in your life? How did you overcome it?

The most difficult moment of life was my first exhibition in World Art Dubai. It was a big step for me. I was leaving my comfort zone and exhibiting my art for the world to see and I felt afraid. I was reluctant to allow myself this experience; but I took the step. It was difficult even during the exhibition process as it was my first time and I did not know how to arrange the walls for impact and what best to do to win viewers’ hearts. I was supported 100% by my family. They encouraged me through it. My sisters, sisters Maryam and Zainab, are a blessing for me and they helped a lot. I met with success in this venture and I realized that fear can only hold you back and pull you down. You soar when you let go of fear and your comfort zone.