H.E. Dr. Desziree Richardson

International Speaker, Womens Empowerment Advocate, Visionary Leader

Founder/ CEO Face of Woha, Women of Heart Awards-WOHA Gentlemen of Heart Awards-GOHA and Happy Mood Swagger

Meet Global Women Leader Her Excellency Dr Desziree Richardson, DLA, DLITT, a Global Multiple-Award Recipient and An Award-Winning World Visionary Leader and a Woman of Heart.

Dr Desziree Richardson is an award-winning visionary leader and global multi-award recipient. She is a women empowerment advocate and branding icon expert, who positions women’s presence in the world, lights a path for their existence to shine and champions the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

Dr Richardson is an international speaker, the vibratory voice and a natural healer. She uses the magnetic field in her voice to bring comfort, relaxation and healing to her clients. She uses her vibration to write powerful messages daily of inspiration to heal the world.

Her business ideas and brands are set out to unite motivation, Inspiration and creation to uplift humanity in all positivity, such as her fashion brand and brand Happy Mood Swagger. It is a one-stop destination for the highest quality fashion items in casual, high street designer, swimwear, sportswear, athleisure, and sports trainers.

Dr Richardson stated Happy Mood Swagger logo symbolism is widely known to symbolise happiness; its creative designs, and high-end craftsmanship defines sophistication and triggers your happiness while wearing or viewing the brand on others. Happy Mood Swagger provides happiness and improves the moods of customers. Her brand does this through its dedication to offering brilliant service, excellent quality, and wide-range uniqueness of products to our customers and services across the globe.

Her excellency believes wholeheartedly in the joy that fashion brings, so upon this, through her brand creativity, is to increase innovative impact year after year and positively inspire more lives by providing opportunities for people to live more fashionable and fulfilling lives.

She further stated the vision of the Happy Mood Swagger brand is to spread happiness through fashion by delivering exceptional service, top-notch quality, and a diverse selection of unique products to customers worldwide.

Dr Richardson is the UK Representative for the New Emerging Birland State Government, Ambassador to the UK for the United States Presidential Service, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Rotary Club of Global Impact, Member of Forbes Women Community, an International Multicultural Distinguished Honorary Advisor for FOWCAAS in Singapore, an Ambassador for the International Forum for Creativity and Humanity, the Kingdom of Morocco and an International Ambassador for Safeguarding Children Sava Samiti Agra Uttar Pradesh India, Global honorary Advisor to G-100 to name a few.

She is also the Vibratory Voice Healer, Thought Leader, Broadcaster, Media Personality, Event and Project Manager, Transformational, Motivational and Inspirational International Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Women’s Empowerment Advocate, Face Model, Producer, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur.

She founded and created the Women of Heart Awards, Face of Woha, Gentlemen of Heart Awards and Women of Heart Foundation.

Dr Desziree Richardson’s mission is to help change lives and positively influence others through her empowering projects and platforms. Her wish is for everyone to be happy and to feel inclusive. To live in a world where peace, love, equality, diversity, kindness, Inclusion and the energy of love can be radiated and felt through every human existence and experience.

Her excellency created the Women of Heart Awards WOHA, a celebration of unity among diverse women exemplifying the humanitarian world whose hearts are the beating drums of love, kindness and compassion. These women continuously focus on the many caring industries held together by women leaders of significant impact and change.

WOHA honours prestigious awards to diverse global women searching for a better world through awareness of women and girls’ development through education and empowerment to create a world of hope for humanity through acts of good deeds. Women of Heart Awards continuously celebrate these women highlighting their stories and journey to become a Woman of Heart.

Dr Desziree is also the Founder of the Gentlemen of Heart Awards- GOHA. A night to celebrate global men who have compassion for humanity in Integrity, authenticity and humility. Gentlemen of Heart Awards – GOHA brand is a yearly celebration to say thank you to the world’s greatest philanthropists, leaders, and humanitarians who will be honoured at a grand celebration in London.

These men, known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, have displayed exceptional leadership qualities in the humanitarian sector, serving as the pillars of humanity. The event’s theme revolves around inspiring a change of heart for a better world.

The Gentlemen of Heart Awards (GOHA) and Women of Heart Awards are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the success of the event, and they are seeking sponsors, support, and partners to make it a resounding yearly success. The focus is on generating impactful results that contribute to a brighter future.

Her excellency vision of a better world propelled her to inaugurate Face of Woha, an innovative transformation that enables social change with global impact. The project is the first of its kind to help heal the world through the lens of positivity and speech. Her face, her voice and her message to the world.

Face of Woha enterprise openly invites diverse women leaders, emerging leaders and professionals ages 18 and over from all nationalities worldwide to participate in a speaking extravaganza to raise their voices and flags for women and girls in their country, to empower the mindset of the new generation and to be awarded as the new crowned representative Face of Women of Heart Awards-Face of Woha.

It is a speaking platform that empowers women around the globe to become influential leaders and positive icons for change. It aims to provide opportunities for diverse women to share their messages of wisdom and grace to help heal the world. The brand is committed to positively changing society and creating a better future.

She carried on by stating the goal of Face of Woha is to promote healing and enlightenment through its messaging, and allowing more voices to be heard is helping to achieve this goal.

Dr Desziree strongly believes every woman deserves a chance to shine in whatever shape or form in a world where they should not feel limited despite their background, religion or upbringing, which should not define who she can become.

Her powerful statement is we are all born with nothing, and we leave the world; we can’t take everything. But what we can create and leave is a legacy.

Her platforms and brands provide a first-class service to imbue the world with positive energies and powerful messages.

Dr Desziree says women are powerful beings in the universe, so they should all be freely educated, empowered, enlightened and encouraged to stand, step and stay in their greatness. She further states women are the pillars of our infrastructure, and may their lights and hearts pave a golden path for younger girls’ futures.

Face of Woha is the empowered woman brand, speaking extravaganza, magazines, cosmetics, and luxury clothing line primarily for women to help boost their confidence and empower their mindset to feel licensed through their fashion items, beauty products, and public speaking arenas.

Dr Deszirees’s quest is to continuously work hard by using her voice and platforms, ensuring women are celebrated; young girls are empowered, respected, protected and feel safe. She wishes for them to feel loved and for all girls to live in a world where they feel welcome,become emotionally intelligent and self-aware, and master the importance of self-love, self-esteem and self-worth. She wants to assure them they have a choice and the power to agree on all positive things in their lives and not limit their abilities in a world filled with endless possibilities.

Dr Richardson’s projects sustain, support, and implement diversity, equity and inclusion, which exemplify a sense of belonging that embraces these factors.

Dr Richardson emphasizes the theme for Face of Woha this year is empowering her, empowering her future.