HR Talks with Shivani Deshpande


A people’s person, Shivani Deshpande is Impact-preneur in HR. She follows her heart and wears multicolored hats for facilitating career seekers’ lives. Here is our talk with beautiful Shivani, who is always aspiring for greater things. 


Tell us about yourself?

My name is Shivani Deshpande and I moved to Dubai eight years ago. My core area of expertise is placing mid to C-level professionals across multinational companies, individual firms, start-ups, and conglomerates. I handle local and international recruitment operations. Besides hiring, my forte includes; career & personality development training, building creative work culture, curating HR strategy, leadership development and manpower consulting.

I am currently associated with a leading HR Community – HR SUCCESS TALK, as a Host for their Talk Show (EDGE Talk Series) and strategic contribution towards expansion of the UAE Chapter. 

I work as an Advisory Council Member for Harvard Business Review wherein I provide timely insights to shape the content being developed related to management and leadership. I conduct Guest Lectures for various universities within UAE and Overseas.

What drew you into HR as a Profession?

I have always believed that it is not necessary to ‘know it all’ every time. You can take a moment and explore, fail, and still stand up strong! Whilst I was finding my ikigai, and career path, I stumbled upon a thought that being a people’s person, I would like to work for people and help them in multiple ways. As I was exploring different fields, Human Resources starstruck me. I could envision how fulfilling it could prove. And yes, gave me a platform and channel to help aspirants bag their dream jobs, freshers to find their career path and many more explorers get clarity on what they wanted from their life in careers. There on my journey began into recruitment and skill training.  


What is your favourite part about working in HR?

HR is a field that is ever-growing. HR never takes a pause and always makes sure to assist anyone in need. Interacting with people, giving them opportunities to grow and seeing their way up, the little moments of appreciation and acknowledgment that bring smiles to your team and creating a real impact, is what according to me is the best part.


Empowering an individual and giving them the confidence to accomplish their tasks is a humble feeling and a kind HR will always walk with the team, no matter what.


As an HR professional, what qualities do you possess that will help you drive results for different company?


I am a very calm person with positive mindset. No matter what life throws at me, I have been through highs and lows, but I have never given up. I guess this is what keeps me going strong and enthusiastic about my work. 

The key to becoming a successful HR is to be a great listener and communicator and with great communication skills, comes great leadership! A lot of these skills have come naturally to me from my father. I love being organized. I am a very loyal and hard-working human. With my strategic ability, understanding of the market, determination to achieve success, and calmness, I believe I can drive unimaginable results for my company or any other. 


What experience do you have leading a team of recruiters?

 As the Head of Recruitment, leading a team has been experimental. Transparent communication, timely feedback, encouragement, and freedom helped me to create the best team. I take pride in saying that my team is my everything and without them, it would have been impossible to take our brand ahead.


Please describe your management style. Tell us about your company. 

I strongly believe in the liberal way of leading a team. I ensure to involve my team and brainstorm together before deciding. The results are more fruitful when everyone feels involved. At my company, Versatile Consultancy, we are a one big happy family. A lot of credit goes to my Managing Director, Ms. Deeksha for building such a creative culture. She has always made sure to treat each of us at par. We are more like sisters now and that’s the culture we wish to nurture at Versatile. Everyone must feel confident in sharing their concerns, achievements, and thoughts freely. We even plan hangouts together to know each other more. 


What are the strongest assets you have to offer?

With the consistent knowledge of the market, strong network, consultative perspective, and hard-work, I have been able to provide a high level of service standard towards my clients, candidates, prospects, and organization, respectively.


What do you like to say about women empowerment? 

I would like to quote what my mother says, ‘Age is just a number. Power lies in your mind and heart. Just follow your passion and one day you will walk on the path of success.’ She has grown from a homemaker to womenpreneur and her journey has been so inspiring. This made me realize that if we are provided with the right resources, and support, women can create wonders! 

Women empowerment for me is a non-negotiable right!


What message you will give to our audience? 

Always stay positive in any situation. Believe in manifesting the best for you! It may sound like a fairy tale but the way you treat your mind, body, and soul, is very important. 


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