Meher Rupa shares glimpses of a successful entrepreneurial journey

NLP Coach with towering ambition to assist people in managing their own lives better, Meher Rupa shares glimpses of a successful entrepreneurial journey. With a passion to enhance people’s performance, help them live with an impact and seek excellence. Meher Rupa coaches for peak performance through NLP.

With improved mental and emotional health people can gain focus, expertise and mastery in their personal and professional life” Says Meher Rupa.

Meher’s journey in her words:

I started learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques in 2012 in order to understand human behavior and internal motivation and drive. As a corporate professional, I have always been interested in impacting people by enhancing their behavioral skills for team building and motivation. Through the journey of learning and mastering NLP, I discovered that NLP (when applied responsibly) has the power to create multiple moments of impactful transformation for an individual I was intrigued and decided to hone my skills under my mentors Antano & Harini who are co-creators of the Excellence Installations Technology (EIT) since 2015. Since then, I have impacted several lives and seen them blossom and transform in their business, personal life, and financial outlook.

Meher Rupa Lifestyle Coaching helps driven individuals gain emotional mastery when they find themselves stuck either in a repeated pattern of unresourceful/unhelpful thoughts, behavior or action. It helps them build new capabilities to bring in positive changes in their overall quality of life, with improved emotional health, financial trajectory, peak performance and a broadened scope for achieving their goals.

Most of the times people believe that habits and triggers cannot be easily changed and as a result prefer to either work outside of those limitations or completely avoid them. When people do that, they limit themselves to working with what they believe are their strengths are and may ignore some very obvious opportunities that pass by them because they can’t find a way to turn limitations into opportunities.

Some people get stuck in a loop of thoughts and past memories – getting affected when they are triggered or provoked. Many can’t move away from their past experiences, while others have unhealthy habits, irrational fears, and reservations about adapting to new environments and people. They find it hard to learn a new skill. They may avoid new responsibilities or opportunities in their personal and professional life or push themselves only when things get bad. Sometimes people are not accurately aware of what they need to change and remain stuck in that boundary. When they continue to feel this way, they may not take fruitful decisions that can hamper not just their lives but also the people in their ecosystem. Often, people at the top of their game, cannot figure out what they need to do next because they are unable to spot the critical pain points in their life as they are focused only on areas promising apparent success.

This is where I help them make the key shifts in a manner where they are naturally able to feel different internally and are seamlessly able to change the way they respond to the situation.

I work as a transformational coach helping individuals overcome their deep-rooted limitations that stop them from achieving their personal and professional goals.

I help them identify the critical behavioral patterns, mind-sets, limited beliefs and help them come out of the cycle of thought and behavior patterns, which have been embedded over the years and help them with crucial and precise adjustments with the use of Neuro Linguistic Patterns – NLP techniques and conversational hypnosis. These significantly improves the quality of their personal and professional life outcomes, increases productivity and helps them overcome long lasting and crippling limitations that come in the way of achieving their goals.

Greatest Achievements:

One of the greatest achievements is to find my own self-worth and be surrounded by a loving and encouraging group of people. I feel immense gratitude when I see a turnaround in the lives of people, I am able to transform. I still feel immense joy and a rewarding satisfaction when I see the results of my work making someone have that shift.

Her Motivation:

I have been fortunate to have had great mentors who were able to identify the genius in me and in taking that time and attention to help me discover my excellence in the field of transformation. The skills and capabilities, they have installed for me, continue to help me grow personally and professionally.

An Exciting Story in her Journey:

I remember this young girl who was about to give up her dream to be a doctor as she was unable to clear her entrance exam and decided to opt for either architecture or interior designing. She was upset about the dormitory conditions in the medical school and did not want her parents to spend excessively for her third attempt.  In her words she said she was ok with the decision to give up her choice of career but her non-verbal language indicated to me that there could be no compromise for her and that she wouldn’t truly be happy settling with another career path. When I worked with specific techniques on her fears and made her internally calibrate how she felt about her alternatives and then internally help her discover the deep-rooted meaning in her for her desire to be a doctor, she felt more certain than before about her goal. With that internal congruence that she developed, she innately and naturally got her confidence back. The next I heard about her was a few months later when her mother confirmed that she was able to secure a seat in her preferred medical college after clearing her entrance exams.

To me this particular case highlights how a simple shift in her emotional states and internal state of mind helped her decide the trajectory of her career, happiness and fulfillment. And when the course correction happens like this – accurately and in a timely manner, it impacts an individual’s long-term performance and overall quality of life.

Another story is, when I worked with a close friend to help them overcome a certain challenge, we noticed after a few months that a long-term migraine attack that occurred once every 20 days only happened to them five to six months. This was after I worked on them. This was without them having consciously taken any treatment for migraine nor during the NLP procedures ever specifically trying to heal this problem. When we work on the emotional patterns it also on many occasions generalizes to other aspects of the individual’s life even with the possibility of positively impacting the physiology.

Her Uniqueness:

I have a deep understanding of identifying what needs to be changed in a person’s frame of thought or pattern of behavior to help them clear the limitations in order help them lead a better quality of life. Along with years of mentored training and calibrated intuition, I am able to make quick and lasting changes.

My capability to get into deep unconscious rapport and guide the persons unconscious to help make suitable, reliable, ethical and appropriate changes and targeted installations comes with years of practice and calibration after working with more than 1000 cases one on one.

Her Priorities & Strengths:

It is a priority for me is to help people utilize their own inner capabilities to deal with mental health in an easier and effective manner without creating any upheaval in their life or undergoing any grueling process. I have overcome so many personal challenges and been through the evolution of change; so, having had an experience of my own multiple cycles of evolution, I am confident that others can do the same.

Advice for Women:

Mothers and homemakers have a massive influence on their family’s lives, their emotions and growth. Mothers also can get the most affected emotionally with multiple responsibilities in their lives. When they are more focused and emotionally in control, they unconsciously impact their surroundings and are able to handle challenges with ease. Emotional mastery is a superior capability that helps a person remain grounded even when tough situations come by. With the ability to stay grounded comes the ability to think calmly and respond and react appropriately. This helps women immensely set their boundaries and respect in multiple aspects of their lives without outwardly demanding for it.

Her Inspiration:

I have been fortunate to have had some great inspirational people in my life. However, I feel that until the moment the inspiration doesn’t translate into action, it just continues to be a feel-good factor. Self-motivation is the best inspiration.

A message to our readers:

Everybody has this unique and innate capability to change. It doesn’t matter what the age, gender or situation one is in. Excellence isn’t just a privilege for a select few it can be achieved with the right set of personal transformations.

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