Kristin Bone – Award Winning Performing Artist

Kristin Bone

An Icon with Many Hats – Kristin Bone has recently won the Best Artist (Performing Arts) Award at Impact Leadership Global Awards 2024 in Dubai.

Kristin Bone

About Kristin Bone:

Kristin Bone is a New York-based actress and model featured prominently in international magazines, as well as a psychiatric registered nurse experienced treating diverse age groups.

But while racking up impressive credentials, accomplished entertainer Kristin notably started pursuing acting later in life at age 41. Balancing dual career success across industries, she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees between high-pressured nursing shifts.

Throughout her rise to prominence, daughter Karissa Grace, now 12, has remained Kristin’s biggest inspiration daily as she sets an example of empowering women to dream big no matter their stage. She aims for her perseverant journey to ignite others.

Early on as a nurse in cardiothoracic surgery, Kristin provided frontline mental health treatment for vulnerable, incarcerated populations. Over time in management positions, she implemented leadership principles guided by her MBA to uplift both staff and patients alike during hardships through motivation, counseling and compassion.

This drive to empower people emotionally continues fueling her work.

Keys Factors Behind Kristin’s Stellar Success Across Industries:

When reflecting on the assets enabling her ascent to the top of challenging entertainment and nursing fields, Kristin credits self-determination to achieve ambitious goals regardless of outside perspectives.

She combines bold confidence, tenacity forged through adversity plus constantly expanding professional networks and mentors. Making time for mutually beneficial connections has provided invaluable guidance while opening doors. Most importantly, Kristin stays grounded by ignoring doubters and fiercely trusting her vision.

Kristin’s Guidance on Developing One’s Talent and Career :

From performing arts to advanced nursing, Kristin attests fully devoting yourself to continuously bettering your craft proves the only path to sustainable success.

Similar to the discipline required when treating psychiatric patients, entertainers must exhibit complete commitment perfecting their art through relentless practice, training and inward self-evaluation of areas needing refinement.

Kristin still takes regular acting classes and meets extensively with coaches to reach for master class excellence. This willingness to learn elicits the pinnacle of quality expected from professionals at the top.

On How Women Can Empower Themselves Personally and Professionally:

Having uplifted herself through self-education and development of high-income skills, Kristin maintains empowered women must pass on benefits assisting others around them in need. She knows female leaders offering guidance both at home and within community platforms can empower society at large to new heights. Vulnerable groups especially find encouragement to tap into their potential and chase dreams through her outreach.

Kristin’s Message on Pursuing Your Calling at Any Age :

Starting as an actress in her 40s, Kristin Bone embodies living proof that anyone can wholeheartedly begin working toward their life’s true purpose and passions at any point. While naysayers may try diminishing aspirations believed unrealistic or reserved for younger demographic groups, Kristin lets her success shine as the ultimate comeback. She uses her platform to share a motivating message abolishing traditional limitations on achievement. Her immense pride remains 12 year old daughter Karissa who will grow up in an environment knowing absolutely no dream ever stays permanently out of reach.

Kristin’s Advice for Aspiring Performers:

For up-and-coming talents with big entertainment industry goals early on, Kristin suggests confirming the coaches selected fully understand personal motivations while actively enabling next-level success. This fundamental alignment propels growth rather than stagnation over time.

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