Maitha Alblooshy, budding entrepreneur and youth leader, shares her journey

From a driven student to a passionate entrepreneur, Maitha Alblooshy, is a youth leader, an ambassador, an engineer, a hospitality graduate and a famous master of ceremonies. Here is the story of this courageous passion driven woman entrepreneur.

Maitha’s Education and the “Do More” Drive:

I have been a dedicated and passionate learner. During my engineering education at the university, I was completely into exercising my talent. I used to participate in many creative activities, one such activity was an innovation exhibition organized by an educational institution. I voluntarily took the role of a project presenter there and it made me center of everybody’s attention. I was just twenty-two years old and I loved working with my colleagues on that innovative engineering project I was presenting in the exhibition. It was so well-presented that I understood my talent at speaking and interacting with an audience. I was confident, eloquent and witty – the qualities that led me to become a professional mater of ceremonies and be recognized for my skills. I practiced and sharpened my skills so well over some time that I was finally selected as the master of ceremony by the Vice Principal of our university. I gained more confidence. It was my first level-up thing. It has etched something amazing in my memory.

Maitha AlblooshyI believe we grow as we go; therefore, my journey is more of a path of finding my own strengths and merits. Just as a university exhibition revealed that I was a great presenter; my interest in hospitality sector took me to study in this field after my engineering. I loved customer services and management related responsibilities while studying and working towards becoming a hospitality professional. Consequently, I became the UAE ambassador of hospitality in Switzerland. This was not the point where I would stop. I have now launched my own events company. I am an entrepreneur, known for being smart and dexterous.

I am a CTO – Scrum Master at Emirates NBD – a career path I enjoy very much. I am a public speaker as well as a youth leader. I like inspiring people towards excellence. I am an innovation advocate and a creative entrepreneur. I am working on a great project in Spain. At the same time, I am an ambassador in Emirates Club.

Challenges are Opportunities:

Majority of the people around me discouraged me for exploring new avenues. Even my family members had doubts about my capabilities, but, honestly, those who believe in themselves and their direction are able to achieve. I believe in continuing to grow rather than being stopped by hinderances. My journey was not easy, but I always considered challenges as opportunities.

Gender, age, and nationality may be a part of your identity but they do not determine everything about you. A woman may rise just as high as a man may – it depends on how dedicated, focused and driven she is. If you have a dream to chase, go ahead. Do not let anything or anybody stop you.

What does support mean:

Support is the buzz word but remember people should actually offer help that makes a difference. I am always open to offer a helping hand to others. I believe in making possibilities greater for others. I am a people’s person. We multiply what we give out. When we help others, we create helping hands for ourselves.

What does Maitha say about entrepreneurship:

Many young people are entering new avenues these days and launching their own ventures. There are a few fundamentals of entrepreneurship that every one should get that right, otherwise there is no chance of success.

Firstly, every entrepreneur should make something useful that people actually NEED. An idea becomes business when it offers people solution. It answers needs to succeed. Secondly, do not go into business for purely financial reasons, think of way in which your business will benefit people. Do it beyond your personal benefit and needs. Remember, if you do not have a bigger reason than money to start your business, it will fail. Thirdly, have a simple and appealing message for your business marketing. If you complicate things, you will lose people’s interest. Keep your business’s voice easy and simple. Fourthly, offer great value to people. Fifth, you have to value people. The more you value other, the better you and your business will grow.

Where does she see herself in 5 years:

I see myself as an established entrepreneur in 5 years. I am working towards my long term goal and serving people is a major one for me.

I follow my leaders, especially, H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan the ruler of UAE. He has been my greatest inspiration. He has believed in us and the superior values he is abiding by are our guide.

Message for the readers:

Follow your dreams and assemble courage and determination to build on them. Be confident. Never think less of yourself.