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Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott, the certified Brain-Based Coach, is known for creating a coaching environment that goes beyond conventional methods. She works with diverse individuals, leaders, and teams, guiding them to discover their strengths and navigate challenges successfully. She is not just another corporate or leadership coach, her approach incorporates a revolutionary tool to operate in a scientific way to rewire human potential for optimum performance. Sarah shares with us multiple very interesting facts from her journey as a Brain-Based Coach in this interview.

Entrepreneurship & New Business:

Sarah chose to be an entrepreneur when she was pregnant with her second child and wanted to be closer to her family while pursuing her professional career. Entrepreneurship can offer you this flexibility of working from wherever and whenever you want. Sarah has always been passionate about unlocking human potential, she shares, “Even during my 10+ years’ career in various Human Resources roles for big international corporations – I was convinced coaching is where I could make the biggest impact”. Therefore, after completing her certification as a Brain-Based Coach in 2021, she launched her own business in 2022 – Sarah Scott Coaching. It allowed her quality time at work and with family with sufficient freedom. She conferred, “I love helping people grow, realize what they are capable of and achieve their goals via developing, coaching, and empowering them. It personally fulfills me and gives me purpose”.

Her Unique Style:

Sarah has been working diligently towards making a difference in supporting people and leaders by helping them understand their true potential. The incorporation of The GC Index® (aka The Game-Changing Index) in her work has been a distinguishing factor. “As an entrepreneur the journey has also been marked by adaptability and a commitment to staying at the forefront of both coaching and neuroscience.  Therefore, I have added The GC Index® as a revolutionary tool I incorporate into my coaching services. In the end, it is all about translating complex scientific concepts into practical strategies that individuals can apply in their daily lives to improve on many levels” – says Sarah. It is essential for all individuals whether team members, or leaders, to understand their potential, their true energy, their capabilities, and their emotions. “Working in a corporate environment, leadership and collaboration are not just about hard skills and experiences; it’s about being aware of yourself” – believes Sarah Scott. She blends coaching methodologies with neuroscience and its positive impact on individuals. Her vision is “to empower individuals (and thereby teams and organisations) to not only navigate their current challenges but to equip them with tools that foster continuous growth and adaptability to make their best possible impact.”

Sarah’s Programs & Workshops:

As a corporate coach, her services are designed to empower individuals at all levels. She offers personalized coaching sessions (e.g. “CXO Collaborator Sessions”), specific coaching journeys (e.g. “People Manager Game Plan”, “Your Career Transformation Program”), workshops (e.g. “Impactful Leadership Teams Workshop” and Neuro Bites (shorter Workshop-style learning sessions depending on specific corporate requirements) which all integrate brain-based coaching principles. By understanding how the brain processes information, individuals can enhance their decision-making, emotional intelligence, and resilience. She adopts a holistic approach that ensures individuals and teams are not only empowered but also equipped with the tools to thrive in dynamic corporate environments. She shares, “It’s been a journey of continuous learning and growth, both personally and professionally.

Sarah’s Approach as Brain-Based Coach:

Being a Brain-Based Coach involves tailoring coaching strategies to align with the brain’s natural processes. She focuses on neuroplasticity (in simple words: the lifelong capacity of the brain to change and rewire itself in response to the stimulation of learning and experience), helping individuals rewire their thinking patterns, or rather create new wiring, for enhanced performance. Among others, this includes techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive reframing, and leveraging the power of positive psychology. By incorporating these approaches, leaders can break through limiting beliefs, enhance creativity, and cultivate a growth mindset. It’s about optimizing the brain’s potential for sustainable development.

The growth mindset, for example, is a key element of Brain-Based Coaching. Individuals are guided to see challenges as opportunities for learning and development. This mindset shift not only enhances their ability to navigate current challenges but also equips them for the uncertainties of the future. It’s about fostering a mindset that thrives on adaptability and continuous improvement.

Overall, the core of brain-based coaching is the understanding that the brain is adaptable – capable of rewiring and forming new neural connections throughout life. The different techniques help individuals become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, enabling them to respond to challenges with sustained clarity and composure – building positive habits.

The Power of Creativity:

Sarah believes in the ways creativity can make a difference. While talking about its uses, she says, “I infuse creativity into coaching sessions. I encourage leaders to explore innovative solutions and challenge conventional thinking. I quite often integrate creative exercises into coaching sessions, encouraging leaders to step outside their comfort zones and explore new ways of thinking. Whether it’s through storytelling, interactive problem-solving activities or utilising The GC Index® – the objective is to unlock out of a busy, autopilot mode and transition into an insight mode, a high-performance frame of mind. This is important because in this state the brain is more receptive and individuals can see more options, choices, opportunities, be more creative and can take in more information. Another objective is to generate insights, personal aha-moments. When you have an insight, a cocktail of neurochemicals rushes through your brain, making you feel motivated and ready for action. This energy can actually be measured in your brain!

My approach fosters a collaborative environment where leaders feel inspired to embrace change, take calculated risks, and experience breakthroughs in their performance and decision-making.”

Boardrooms and Inclusion:

Inclusion could be a challenge in the boardrooms. Women may face limited opportunities, bias, and limited representation. While talking of different challenges women encounter in the boardrooms, Sarah shares, “My suggestion is to actively seek mentorship and create networks that foster support, comprising of both female and male individuals. Confidence-building strategies, effective communication training, and resilience development might be a great starting point. Possibly work with a coach to pro-actively address aspects that you can influence”. Building an inclusive culture is a continuous effort where companies must walk the talk.

Sarah’s Message to Women:

“On International Women’s Day, I would like us to celebrate the resilience, strength, and achievements of everyone worldwide. This year’s slogan is “Inspire Inclusion”, and this quite rightly includes everyone, not only women. Let’s continue to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and uplift each other. As we strive for equality, remember that every small step contributes to significant change. Embrace your uniqueness, support one another, and let’s create a future where EVERY individual has the opportunity to thrive. Only together can we build a world where diversity is not just celebrated but also integral to success”.