Innovator in Web 3 – Trish Kane

Trish Kane

Trish Kane is the CEO and Founder of 5DHealerverse as well as She is also the Author of her upcoming book “Divine Intervention,” scheduled to launch on April 4th. The book narrates her story, reveals the truth behind censorship in the healing community, and discusses blockchain education for the wellness industry and healers.

She is a globally acclaimed speaker on decentralization and an influencer in growth space with a focus on healing. Her journey into professionalism began at the Wall Street but in 2014 after experiencing near-death experience, her life changed. In an accident paramedics found her at 30 degrees Celsius temperature level which led to coma for nine days followed by two strokes that forced her to learn everything again including walking and feeding herself among other things; She had a reality shift perspective leading her towards spiritualism and holistic life. It was then that she developed an urge to make a positive impact on humanity worldwide through global wellness communities such as -the first-ever ticketing platform dedicated solely to growth events.

In terms of professional goals, both short-and long-term objectives are set up: she is currently focused on expanding Healerverse’s reach while raising seed round worth $3m equity- seeking expansion opportunities like UAE markets; however, Trish’s long-term goals revolve around educating people about decentralization while giving power back to individuals irrespective of their modality preferences within tech-healing spaces.

Trish’s Aspirations:

Talking about her aspiration, Trish shares, “I aspire to continue to tell my story of near death experience. Most of the people fear death and question what it is like. I give hope in my talks as there’s more out there than what we can read or hear about. Lastly, I am committed to continuing my personal and professional growth, always striving to learn, evolve, meet incredible like-minded individuals to make a difference in the world together”.

About Healerverse:

Healerverse created by Trish aims at bridging the gap between healing and web 3. By harnessing the power of web 3 and blockchain technology, Healerverse empowers collaboration among healers, wellness organizations, and seekers worldwide. She states, “Through 5DHealerverse, I bootstrapped and created a global community where individuals can easily access holistic healing practices, connect with healers, and participate in transformative workshops and events by leveraging decentralized technologies and community. Healerverse projects data and does not sell data, unlike META and other platforms. We ensure transparency, security, and accessibility, making spiritual and holistic healing more inclusive and accessible to people from all walks of life across the globe”. Healerverse is beneficial for Global Seekers looking for holistic healing and spiritual growth. Global Healers benefit by showcasing their modalities and gifts, connecting with seekers, and growing their practice within our community. Wellness Organizations gain visibility and access to a wider audience, helping them spread their message and make a bigger impact. Trish states, “The entire collective benefits, because we’ve created an entirely new ecosystem that does not yet exist in a $6T global industry, wellness”.

Trish’s Vision:

She envisions more empowerment, inclusivity, accessibility and wellness. She states, “I envision a future where technology sparks positive change, facilitating connections, enhancing well-being, and promoting holistic healing practices on a global scale. It matters because technology has the power to democratize access to holistic healing, breaking down barriers and making it more accessible to people from all walks of life. In a world where stress, anxiety, and disconnection are prevalent. Holistic healing offers a path to greater well-being, inner harmony, and resilience”

.Glass Ceiling for Women in Technology:

Trish had her challenges related to gender bias during her journey in web 3 and the metaverse. She shares, “I have absolutely encountered challenges along the way. The tech industry, like many others, has historically been male-dominated, and breaking through that glass ceiling hasn’t been easy. But here’s the thing – I’ve never been one to let obstacles hold me back. Instead of focusing on the barriers, I’ve chosen to focus on my passion, my purpose, and my drive to make a difference. I’ve worked hard to hone my skills, build my network, and carve out my path in the tech world. I truly believe that diversity is our greatest strength. I am working hard to pave the way for future generations of women in tech. At the end of the day, what matters most is not the challenges we face, but how we rise above them and the impact we make along the way”.

However, women may rise to the top in a male dominated field and for this they “Make connections, show up to new things! Networking with other women in tech can be a game-changer. We get the struggle and can offer support and advice that’s real and relatable. Keep learning!

Tech moves fast, so staying up-to-date on the latest trends and skills is key. Take courses, attend workshops, and keep honing your craft. Don’t be shy about tooting your own horn! Share your wins, skills, and goals with confidence. Letting people know what you bring to the table is essential for getting ahead. And just be your authentic self”!

In next five years and more, Trish aims at continuing her journey towards greater progress. She states, “I envision Healerverse growing into a leading platform for holistic wellness, connecting people worldwide and empowering them to embrace their true potential. I also plan to continue my work as a Mentor and Coach, helping others unlock their inner greatness and pursue their passions with purpose and conviction”.