Interview with Tanushree Jain – Founder of Tanuwellness

Founder of TanuWellness, Trainer, Physiotherapist, Fitness & Wellness Coach shares her insights and some experiences with us.

Tanushree founded TanuWellness and is a recognized specialist in health and wellness. She combines her business acumen with her vast physiotherapy expertise, corporate counselling, and ABNLP-certified NLP practice in a unique way. Her crowning as the “FITNESS QUEEN” at the Dubai Fashion Carnival has further strengthened her reputation as a top health and fitness advisor in the Country.

About Tanushree Jain:

Tanushree: I am the founder of TanuWellness and a specialist in Health and Wellness. I possess an ABNLP-certified NLP practice. I have assisted notable individuals in their wellness journeys thanks to my certification as PILATES LEVEL 3 TRAINERS under REPs.

Tell Us Something About your Life’s Journey:

Tanushree: I started working as a physiotherapist 14 years ago, and seven years later, I relocated to Dubai, where I established a foundation for holistic wellness and Mat Pilates. I enjoy sports and have played chess, badminton, cricket, football, and karate. I like to read, hike, and play chess in my leisure time.

What is your Contribution to the Cooperative World:

Tanushree: My proficiency in Pilates, NLP, and other wellness modalities has allowed me to provide health consultations and Pilates lessons to employees of notable companies like Etisalat, Nestle, and DEWA, as well as industry leaders like Adobe (India), Autodesk (Singapore), Redington (Dubai), and Adnoc (UAE). Some of my reputable clients include Mr. Rizwan Sajan (the Founder & Chairman of anube Group), Adel Sajan (Group Managing Director of Danube Group), and Sujata R (Director of Deutsche Bank).

What are your Most Notable Work in the UAE:

Tanushree: I have addressed topics such as breast cancer awareness for Pizza Express employees, wellness for Danube Welfare on International Women’s Day, and health for competitors of eminent pageants since I am passionate about women’s fitness. I have written health publications including Mother, Baby & Child. I have directed effective health initiatives, provided mentorship, and taught Pilates classes for a variety of women’s groups in the UAE, including IWD, IED, DDWC, Style Diva Abu Dhabi, and Women’s Got Talent, as well as high-profile conferences like ISF, Arab Health, JKS Cup 2018, and CDA in Dubai.

Tell us something about your Achievements and Accomplishments:

Tanushree: I have received several achievements as the Best Health & Wellness Expert, including the Strong Woman Award, and a panelist and jury for women’s holistic health events. I was also chosen to represent a women’s empowerment campaign. In addition, I have developed Pilates and rehabilitation routines for a health and sports app and addressed audiences at an honourable webinar series during Covid-19.

Tanushree’s Message to her Readers:

Tanushree: Remember that even the smallest step towards a better living counts. As a health and wellness coach, I’m here to help and support you on your path to improved health. I’m here to keep you every step of the way as you work to alter your life. Together, let’s make changes for the better that will enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health.