Books to Read to Boost Motivation

Books to Read to Boost Motivation

A man faces many such times when despair surrounds him. If you feel that you are unhappy, change your way. Bring yourself back and fight against all the hurdles that keep you away from your success. Set your goals and struggle for them consistently. For this, you need motivation and books are a better way for a lasting motivation. Here is a list of some motivational books that can help you have better insight into life’s issues and success blockades.

The clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment, and Emotional Healing

Author: Habib Sadeghi, DO

In this book, Dr. Sadeghi has explained a journey of discovering yourself to unlock all of the emotional problems that hurt your health and are the serious hurdle in your way of success. This book tells the way you should live with self-awareness. Dr. Sadhegi mentions the ways of turning all those obstacles into some healing and boosting opportunities by the 12 steps that have been given in the book. These steps would help to get back into your life leaving behind all of the emotional problems you face and enter into the world of peace, self-control, and courage that leads you towards positivity and success.

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Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Author:  Phil Knight

In this book, the author offers an infrequent and enlightening look at his own life as an entrepreneur. He reveals how he overcame media shyness. In this book, he explains the establishment of company Nike and how it evolved into one of the most iconic companies in the world. His journey of life gives a life-changing lesson to the ones who want to do something in their life and are facing difficulties. Bill Gates has also read this book and has praised it. He said that this book gives us the lesson of how life’s issues could be solved with resilience, determination and ambition. He said that Phil Knight is a person who opens up ways that a very few CEO’s can do.

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The Stuck Book: Pick This Up When You Don’t Know What To Do Next 

Author: Chris McAlister

This book is full of wisdom, with just 4 Answers for your bag of questions. Whether your question related to a perfect life, some job issue, some relationship or everyday dealings, the author has provided solutions that will ensure success and happiness. In this book, the author treats walks you through different seasons of life and helps you predict the season you are right now experiencing according to circumstances and provides a solution to possible problems. This book is especially for the ones who feel themselves stuck and want to make a real change in their lives.

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Awaken the Giant Within How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! 


Author:  Tony Robbins

In your life, many of your decisions either give you tough time or make your life easier for you. This book recommends some effective strategies that can help you in adopting some techniques to control your emotions, finance issues, your body, relationships, and your whole life. In this book, there is step by step guidance related to discovering yourself which would help you in knowing the real purpose of your life.

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Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

Author: Adam Grant

This book has a different way of expressing creativity in life. In this book, the author uses some examples of how we can gather critical thinking, persistence, perspectives, and transparency together to change the world.  It offers tips to solve life’s problems and how creativity could aid in staying motivated in life.

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