Building Conscious Relationships

A few days ago, had a self-reflection, it was just one of those moments when I decided to divert my attention from food for a change. One thing that I realized about myself is that in the last few years I have managed to build some amazing new relationships while strengthening my relationship with food simultaneously. I am very fortunate to have a small support group of diverse individuals who genuinely care for me, love me and respect me. This reflection was a pleasant surprise for me, as during my earlier years I was not that good at building and maintaining good relationships. Despite my shortcomings, I did somehow manage to keep my old best friends around while building and maintaining new relationships.

In this conceptual age, the phenomenon of relationship is evolving. Shelly Bullard, author of How to Become the Most Attractive Version of Yourself; states that over the years the relationships have gone through a major redesign. Today, more people than ever seem to have a hard time understanding the dynamics of the relationship. Therefore, more people are unsatisfied in love.

This may seem like a crisis, but I feel that this is not such a bad thing. With the changing times, I believe that one should be open to the idea of building conscious relationships. In simple language, a conscious relationship is when two or more people are working towards building and harnessing the connection they have, where the bottom line is acquiring growth. This can either be personal growth, professional growth or even two lovebirds becoming each other’s support system and grow together to earn satisfaction that they both are seeking. After all, life is not a Bollywood movie where people just randomly fall in love with each other and dance on the street, where rest of the crowd just magically goes in sync with the lovely dancing couple. The key to sustaining a relationship today is to ‘walk in love’ consciously and really work towards growing as a couple while satisfying each other’s personal needs.

When I think about building a conscious relationship, I see myself choosing a path that leads to personal transformation through partnership and growth. All individuals are committed to improving themselves, helping their loved ones to grow and working towards maintaining the relationship. Honestly, sustaining such a relationship is not easy, it requires work. But in the end, the reason conscious relationship works so well in today’s world is that each person is bound to take full responsibility for themselves and their experience. Thus, there is no room for pointing fingers at the other person without self-reflection. Moreover, conscious relationship gives a room for dialogue and open communication. If you are struggling with building lasting healthy relationships you may look for life coaches in Dubai or a relationship coach to help you.

A conscious relationship is not just confined to a couple, it is a key to sustain and build all sorts of relationships. Be it with parents, friends, siblings, business relations etc. The key is to understand one’s one commitment level and assess how much time and energy it is required to maintain and sustain a relationship. On the flip side, you may not have room to include a lot of people in your life but isn’t it better to have a small yet committed and sincere support group rather than a large circle where intimacy may not be prevalent?