Good, Bad Karma

Karma is a word that is often used whenever there’s a break up. You know, when that man or woman has done you wrong and you can’t really avenge? So you end up saying, “Karma is a bitch.” When you think about all the sacrifices you’ve made in a relationship but are too vulnerable to revenge, you let karma take its course.

So? What is karma?  In Hinduism and Buddhism, karma is considered a person’s actions affecting their fate. Others can argue it’s a form of fate making you pay for your actions whether good or bad.

There are a good number of people who believe in karma but it’s of course a subject to debate. Most of these people may have been hurt in the past. They believe that whoever hurt them will get what’s coming for them, typically a way of dealing with the pain. But this draws the question, is it real? Is there any such thing as good karma and bad karma? Let’s take a look at different perspectives bearing various underlying karma factors in them.


This can be a pretty vast subject but we will tackle it in a general view. There isn’t one religion in the world that believes that doing right doesn’t deserve a wrong deed and the vice versa. With this said, isn’t this a form of karma? Even if they let a superior being fight their battles and get rid of their enemies for them, doesn’t this mean that karma exists? Isn’t it a classic belief that you will indeed reap what you sow?


When we take into consideration a specific group that doesn’t entirely believe in the existence of a superior being, we find they indeed believe in nature for a fact. According to them, nature has its own way of balancing a few events in the world. They also believe that nature has a way of restoring good for good and dealing with the rotting evil. However, atheists do not have a standard book or guide as compared to religion. However, their belief of nature balancing events in the world is a clear indication of karma.


For scientist they believe that every action has an equal reaction. Can’t this in some way be equated to karma? With every good doing towards a friend or foe, the same measure will be returned back to you as well as the vice versa. The evil eye meets another, a tooth for a tooth.

Some people may argue out that there is no such thing as karma. I mean, how does one circumstance be an unveiling of another unrelated one buried in the past. With this in mind, aren’t there instances in your life where you were a recipient of a good deed and thought back to an equal good deed which you passed along to someone else?

At the end of the day, one good deed deserves another. Whether you believe in karma or not, this should play constantly in your conscious every single day of your life.