Treat Others the Way You Want to be treated


Well this phrase just means that it is best to treat others nicely and not do to them what you wouldn’t wish to be done to you. The phrase is sometimes more commonly known as the ‘Golden Rule’ and is considered the law of reciprocity. It is a seemingly common-sense guidance that is intended to be easier for people to remember instead a long list the do’s and don’ts. The so-called ‘golden rule’ is widespread across the diverse cultures of the world both in the religious realm and the secular circles.

Why is it important for us to treat others the way we want to be treated?

Treating others well helps to foster great relationships among people and brings about good blood. If you treat others badly you don’t expect them to take you in high regards and they will always resent you.

If you wish to be respected, treat others with respect because respect is earned and not bought. It is best to be always kind to others in the same measure that you would want others to treat you kindly especially when you are at your most vulnerable position.

It is important to note that you don’t just want to be nice to others just because you also expect to get the same treatment back. Treating others with respect and kindness means that you are aware of other people’s feelings and think about how your actions would affect them. By being aware of the feelings of others and learning how not to hurt their feelings helps to make you mature when it comes to dealing with people.

So how does karma play its role here?

Karma plays a very significant role in the way we treat others in the sense that it functions within the backdrop of our lives. Every action we make often has an equal opposite reaction so that when you do good to a person, you stand to receive good.

Negative karma usually sets a person up for negative cycles which are just never ending. There is also good karma, the one that takes center stage when you do good to others. Good karma will protect you from harm and enable you to evolve towards personal joy.

Benefits of treating others in a nice way

Well, it is simple, treat others well and you will enjoy all the benefits of good karma. You get rewarded with good for doing good deed to others. Karma always has a way of turning around back to us. This explains the reason why we travel round and round, meet and experience same situations, circumstances, and people because such are part of our karma.

We got so much to gain from being good to others than being mean and doing evil to others. Karma as the saying goes, always has it way of getting back to you, therefore you should always be good and then everything else will follow.