5 Signs your relationship is based on lust, not love

lust in love


The line that divides a relationship based on lust and love is pretty small when our hormones rage while the mind floats with euphoric fantasy in the romantic adventures.

If you are in love, you will need relationship tips to progress in the right way and ripen your bond with your partner. Did you know that staying together much longer is a sign your relationship is based on love? Is our relationship based on lust or love?

Here’s the clue:

  1. Does he/she look you in the eye?

Looking into someone’s eyes is an affirmation of the love you feel for each other. It is like a litmus test if the person is authentic or not. When someone feels lust for you they tend to concentrate on other parts of your body, such as boobs and ass instead of the eye.

  1. What about his family and friends?

Partners in a relationship based on love, trust each other with their deepest secrets including family and friends. In a relationship based on lust giving out too significant information about yourself may jeopardize the relationship. Failure to meet the members of his/her family should be a matter of concern. Your partner may have kids stashed elsewhere or in another relationship altogether.  Is our relationship based on lust or love when we are both careful to keep each other away from friends and family? He/she freaks out every time one of you mention the friends/family.

  1. Physical attraction is key to Love

In a loving relationship what truly matters is the person inside the clothes not what he/she is wearing. You dress to kill to remain charming to the partner. Additionally, you want to keep in shape and maintain your physical status at all cost to please one another. Is our relationship based on lust or love when we dwell more on candle-lit dinners and champagne?

  1. Are you building a future with love?

A relationship based on lust has nothing concrete about the future. Talking about future plans is a no-go zone.  The future can be both an exciting and scaring place to mention in a relationship. The hottest topic is a relationship based on lust is staying romantic in the future. If the two of you avoid talking about the future that’s a sign the relationship is based on lust. In a loving relationship, people keep on forecasting and thinking of the future.

  1. What Drives Love in your Relationship?

A relationship built on lust is primarily motivated by sex. A relationship that values the moments both of you shared is a sign of love. In a lustful relationship, all the sweet giveaway leads to the bedroom. You skip the friendship stage and jump straight to bed. Friendship stage is a test of compatibility with a partner. It is the foundation of a true love. While most of the time you spend naked, you have not the time to bond.

If you want a lasting relationship in love lust doesn’t last forever, it eventually wears out. But love will stand the test of time, even when the two of you don’t have the stamina for other things.

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