Golden Rules To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

A Quest for that Spark

Love is a very important part of our lives and a good relationship is something that makes you feel blissful and warm. This being said all relationships – have misunderstandings, ups, and downs. Some of us find common ground and make things work. But for some, relationships can start failing. Some of the very noticeable signs are continuous arguments, spending time apart or the need to spend time apart

The so-called modern age is seeing so many relationships failing. Why is that? It’s possibly because we are in a race for materialistic and worldly dreams. One reason is people do not invest in consulting any reliable and experienced life coaches in Dubai. Life Coaches help in finding your balancing points so that you could handle responsibilities and relationships well. We have made relationships just a convenience or probably something that society and religion expect of us. The time and patience that a relationship requires is not something that some of us want to invest in. When you first meet your partner, you feel an attraction and want to do so much for him/her. You spend time, you plan things together, you go out and enjoy yourself. Even if you have any arguments probably one of you gives in and makes up. But with the time you find other things that interest you more; it could be your career, your hobbies, your friends or it could be another person too. Immersing ourselves in the trivial things in life seems more attractive and important over a period of time. Obligations, your daily life, your kids – there could be so many reasons for your relationship falling into a rut.

We so often hear that ‘love fades with time’. Does it really? Well, if you are in a relationship that is based on only passion then yes, it can definitely happen. But the love that is based on companionship – that is the kind of love that blossoms and grows over time and age. Then again, everything needs patience, effort, and perseverance. Now, some relationships can become so toxic that it would be better to end it rather than keep
hurting each other. But some relationships can be worked upon. Want to see how to do that? Let us see what you can do to bring back that oomph into your relationship.

Tips to bring the spark back – You need to clean up your relationship and start once again with a new outlook and attitude. Consider these to be the Golden rules to bring that spark back again.

  1. Appreciation – As parents, we are told to show appreciation to our kids and show them that they are loved. The same concept applies to every relation. If your partner takes part in the household chores, takes out the garbage, plays with the kids when you are out or down – you ought to let him know that you appreciate it. Take the time to let him know that you care. He might be just doing small stuff around the house, but that
    counts towards a lot.
  2. Try something new – If you feel that somewhere your relation is lacking something, maybe that zing that it used to have – then try some new activity. Both of you could take dancing classes or maybe yoga. The ‘Dance for you’ studio in Dubai conducts private sessions for couples. You could enquire at Dubai Dance. Why you could even make it bowling time – just the two of you! Try out DubaiBowling The basic idea is for both of you to do something different, spend some time together, talk to each other and have fun. You could even make it a double date which will give you a whole new perspective about each other. Experiences that are energizing or heart racing can bring in a more romantic turn to your relation. If you are looking for extreme sports why not try SkyDive Dubai  Sorry, not my cup of tea – but for some such exhilarating experiences and the thrill can give you the closeness that was missing. And please, leave your phones behind.

Try to spend time without any kind of distractions or the temptation of posting on social media. This rule should apply even when you are at home. Having your evening tea or dinner time with family should always be without any distractions – no television, no phones or tabs.

  1. Recreate – If you both had some memorable times in the past; you should try and recreate it. It might feel awkward at first but it would surely ignite those old feelings and
    probably bring back some of the enthusiasm you had in those days. Send the kids to your moms or for a sleepover, plan a romantic dinner and there you have it. The physical side of your relationship also might need some spicing up.
  2. All couples fall into a rut some time or another. No relation can carry on with just rainbows and butterflies. Starry-eyed love is probably only seen in movies and fairy tales. What you need to look for is something that is sustainable between both of you. It needs to be a relationship
    that is lasting and solid. It is up to you to mix it up, try and find that old spark. Do whatever is possible to show that you love and care for your partner. The feeling of being loved by someone is a strong puller.
  3. You also need to accept that people change over time and with age. But that doesn’t have to be a negative change. You both need to see that you evolve and grow together. As a couple, you have to see the grace, strength, and beauty in your relationship and strive to continue it without
    falling into a rut. Don’t hesitate to try out new things, go on vacation or just spend some quality time even if it means just at home. There can be countless reasons for the fire to die between you both. You need to learn to keep that spark alive and kicking, and continue to work towards it with your partner; keep igniting that passion and companionship. Stop seeing all the roadblocks that keep coming within your relationship and look for opportunities to reconnect.