Men deceive but food doesn’t!

Men deceive but food doesn’t

If you are a single desi woman over 20 years old, chances are you are either going through the “find a match“  phase or might have been a part of the dating pool at some point. Nevertheless, I am certain you may have been exposed to or have observed the cruel world of the toxic relationships, where the good man may turn out to be flaky and rude; or the entire connection was just a bad dream all in all.

According to me, the only relationship that is truly based on a deep connection and no heartbreaks is the one you have with food! A good meal just makes you happy, does not judge  or deceive, does not cheat or go crazy. The best part is food comes in a wide variety where you do not have sacrifice or compromise! For me, a nice plate of biryani with raita, followed by ice-cream can be extremely satisfying and my taste buds get a wide variety of flavors too. The emotional involves in these flavors are  more than satisfying.

Similarly, the best movie partner for me is good warm buttery popcorns bowl followed by coffee! Popcorns are cooperative fellows with coziness unmistakable. Popcorns do not talk during the movie, do  not try to give out spoilers, just go  in my tummy and make me happy, while I enjoy some me time! Moreover, if you fall asleep with food in your bed it does not steal the covers, nor snores or disturbs your precious sleep.

Writing about the food in the middle of the day makes me hungry. Which makes me realize the only flip side of good food is calories, but then I am fluffy and super proud of it. Sorry aunties!

Personally, I am a complete foodie and good food is my ultimate guilty pleasure. However, this blog post/pseudo-rant is a tribute to all the awesome ladies out there (and to the yummy food). You all are truly special, talented and amazing just the way you are! Which means, you all deserve the best.

When it comes to dating or entering the “match making world” understand that the man you will eventually end up with will be fortunate to have you. Make sure that he treats you well, adores you, appreciates you just the way you are and understands your worth, just like food. After all, food does not expect you to dress nicely, wear tons of makeup or shave your legs, it appreciates you just the way you are.

Yet, if you are talking to someone and/or dating someone, communicate well. Try to understand his perception and analyze if your future goals are aligned or not. Be honest and do not shy away, take as much time as you want and do not rush.Unfortunately, the desi community does a really good job in pressurizing the young women into entering matrimony. The best way to deal with the shadikarotamasha (get married ASAP shenanigans) is to tune out all the negative connotations and focus on yourself. After all, isn’t it better to marry late than to marry wrong?