Playing hard to get? Here is what you should do


If he is playing hard to get, you should be able to bring your life to some stability rather than being used.

You are this girl who is cool and collected but meets a man who is impossible to get. Why would a woman with so much going for herself pursue a man who is not giving back? The man becomes a fantasy in her life. She would want to hold her breath until she gets him! Dating advice may conflict. While others may tell us to “play hard to get” to increase desire and excitement others may tell us to be more direct to improve trust and liking. When he plays hard to get, you become a victim of his aloofness and uncertain playing hard to get signals. Inasmuch as it builds desire the hard to get game may backfire.

Chasing after him is a mistake

A guy can play games to make you chase after him. He meticulously plans how long he will take before he responds to your text messages or calls. Most likely he doesn’t want to admit liking you. If he is taking forever to respond to your text message, take longer to respond to his messages. Let him get his head straight to decide if he ever wanted to be in the relationship. If he starts playing games the first few months he may not commit to the relationship.

Give him space

Most men pull away when relationships are serious. Is he playing hard to get when he pulls back? Maybe he was happy with nothing more than a hookup.  Why not slow things down. He might be panicking because things are moving too quickly example, talking about children when you have been dating for only two weeks. When he feels immature he begins to slowly fade out.

A man might be emotionally off balance, stressed out because there are things going on in his life that are taking up his attention. You know, it is hard for a woman to understand playing hard to get signals from a man because all she would want to do is to support him.

Are you sure he likes you?

Do you keep being blinded by the truth over someone who doesn’t want to be caught? As bad as it strikes you it is a hardcore truth, he doesn’t want you. You need to wake up from your nightmare. You start to worry when you don’t get replies or equal interest. A good relationship requires an effort from both sides. Is the man looking out for you? If you are the only one making an effort leave early when you can still think clearly. It may hurt you for the moment, but it won’t last forever.

Radiate feminity

Don’t try to dominate a guy. Showing less feminity makes him lose interest in you. If he tries to crack a joke, please smile back. He is less attracted to you. Is he playing hard to get? Try not to show him any masculine traits. Rather than punishing him appreciate him! Cheating on him, and humiliating him turns him to a lesser man.

In summary, when he plays hard to get there could be many reasons for such behavior. You need to put on your detective hat and figure out what you are up against. Once you give him space, but there is no difference ask him what’s up. He may or may not be honest to clear up things with you. Find out if he is playing a game or not.