Mona Tajarbi, from an Emirati Influencer to an Entrepreneur

Mona Tajarbi is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and Emirati influencer. Her diverse work in the niche of lifestyle and beauty has brought her rightful fame. She is also a motivational speaker and an iconic woman leader, who has been inspiring youth since 2016. Blink by Mona is a wonderful brand thriving upon its founder’s success.

Overriding challenges is a major trait of the inspiring and charismatic Mona Tajarbi. Mona is originally from Ras Al Khaima, juggling and managing multiple roles, she is a mother of two young ones and a full-time professional, an influencer and an entrepreneur. She grew up in a traditional Emirati family to become a woman of distinguished abilities. She has been a courageous woman who has paved her way from zero to hero, setting up impressive examples for many other women of RAK. She is also an Ambassador of Awareness for Smart Cells Middle East.

Mona is a creative influencer with powerful lifestyle content on her Snapchat and Instagram with whopping followership of 500,000 that speaks volumes about her success. She is also a social worker who has been voluntarily working to support Covid-19 prevention and awareness campaigns even during her pregnancy in 2020. Mona has won many awards and accolades. Her firm faith in her abilities has allowed her to climb the success ladder faster. She has been awarded Best Social Media Network 2017 by Sheikh Abdullah Al Nahyan, Super Power Award 2021, Women of Substance Award 2020, She Awards 2020, Emirati Women Award 2021, and She Awards Ladies in Business 2021. She has been awarded the Best Entrepreneur Award in 2022 in Global Women of Stature Awards and Best Influencer Award 2022 in Global Women Leadership Awards by Nousheen Mukhtar International.

Blink is the beauty brand beating many in the beauty industry these days. With its high-quality eye lashes, eye liner, and five other beauty products the brand is rising. When speaking about Blink, Mona Tajarbi applauds the support she has received from various people around her, “It’s a fantastic and wonderful experience being a female entrepreneur. I really find that there are many supportive government entities, and of course our leaders are always with us. They always give us positive vibes.” Blink is a Covid baby, as Mona launched it in 2020.