Art in Dubai – Major Murals

Here is a way to get to know Dubai. Take a tour of the city’s vibrant and artistic environs. Ever wondered why Dubai looks so attractive? With the government backing of mural art, the committed community of Dubai Painters is now taking creativity to the streets! The murals that tourists and residents of Dubai usually come across have a lot to say about the city in the UAE. We are more than excited to share a selection of art murals you’ll find in the streets of Dubai.

Why types of Murals do you find in Dubai?

Today, illustrations of the city’s lifestyle cover the walls of some buildings in City Walk, DUBAI DESIGN DISTRICT (D3), and Al Fahidi. For example, random scenes like Emirati children hoop rolling depicting Emirati’s heritage influence in Satwa. It is thinkable to bump into inspiring statement pieces, transformative art in the most unexpected places, and just about anywhere you move to within the city. The vision of the ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is to make Dubai an open museum.

 Murals celebrating Mars Mission:

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority is commissioning art murals on many buildings in Dubai in celebrating the people’s history and love for art. The brand new art mural in Al Fahidi business district celebrates UAE for successfully launching of the Hope Probe Mars Mission. The art mural based in Bur Dubai represents the cord that connects the past to the present. The Mars mission mural is a surrealist inspired work giving a glimpse of the city’s future. The Mars mission is the work of Emirati artist Reem Al Mazrouei and a designer by the name Amna Basheer.

I love DXB:

One of the unique murals in Dubai is the “I love DXB” graffiti located in City Walk, which is known for its luxurious places.

Al Raha Beach – 600-meter art mural:

The art mural by US-based Evoca1is features the rich culture and heritage of the Emirati people. Alder Properties commissioned the life-like spray painting. The inauguration of the artwork took place in 2016.

El Seed Calligraphic painting:

The painting depicts a poem titled Positive Spirit. The poem talks about the importance of faith and that it resides in your soul.

Suzi Nassif is one of the Portrait artists in Dubai whose work predominates on the streets of the city. She is a self-taught visual artist who has developed a style in surrealism and abstract impressionism before experimenting with murals. Suzi has been at it for many years. She is no stranger to murals as she painted a Mural in Coya Restaurant in Four Seasons Hotel and also on the Kite Beach in Dubai.

The inclusion of public spaces in art is growing, as in the involvement of Dubai painters in the public areas. There so many places that serve as canvases for Portrait artists in Dubai who specialize in art murals. No matter which street you visit, it does not matter to stop and check out the breathtaking Dubai art scene. It’s not surprising you’ll learn more about art in Dubai in terms of culture, history, and the region’s point of view.