Food Review: Chillies or Chutneys, or Both?

Chilli & Chutney, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort Dubai, is your place to go to.

Allow me to make it known to you that there is no desi meal that can be said to be complete when it lacks the most delicious additives of chillis and chutneys. These two additives will add amazing flavor even to the blandest of foods. I must admit that my curiosity in the usage of the names of the two additives for the restaurant Chilli & Chutney, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort Dubai, is what prodded me to taste a meal there.

The use of interesting colors such as blues, yellow, and gold, in the interior of the resort, brings forth a Rajasthan-palace like ambiance. Further accentuating the Rajasthan ambiance at the resort is the larger than life portrait of a Rajasthani man wearing a turban.

We were served a platter of popaddums and chutneys as our first meal at the resort. This was served to us on copper cutlery that really added to the vibe. We kept sampling our delicious meal of popaddums and chutney made with labaneh and chilli.

There is just enough for any reveler to the restaurant to relish. You talk about a rollercoaster for your taste buds, well, you will get choices of tamarind, mint, cumin and of course also the Miranda (the aerated soft drink).

For the vegetarians, the Galouti Kebab is there go to choice. The Subz Shikampuri Kebab which literally is a platter of kebabs on top of bit-sized crispy rotis (with cumin) is served with the customary onion rings as well as the mint chutney. You will definitely enjoy savoring the tender vegetables stuffed in baked pumpkin that easily melts in your mouth.

As for the mains, we were somewhat disappointed probably because the starters were a notch higher. The chicken dhaniya korma that is a preparation of cashew nuts and coriander gravy had too much taste of the coriander. The Kofta Curry that entail mashed potatoes and sweet dried fruit dumpling in tomato gravy, felt somewhat hard to bite into! As for the Warqi paratha, well, it was flaky and it certainly made a great bread choice. We will definitely return.