I believe therefore I see – How to Design your Life

Do you believe in an idea after it has become reality? If this had been the case, many innovators would not have taken any pain in bringing their ideas to reality because they did not have enough belief. Belief makes things happen. This stands true for everything. When you think about your life, you will make of it what you believe in! If you want a life of happiness and fulfillment, you have to believe that you can make that possible and you are worth it. Here are four ways to design the life of your choice.

Believe before you see it, that’s one way to success.

First: Do what you say, act what you believe!

Ideas exist in our minds (mental creations) and they can be manifested in the real world (physical creation). The synergy between these two makes us experience true happiness. Focus on making your own ideas real and engineer your life around that, it will bring fulfillment and change your REALITY.

Second: strategize consciously!

Many people get carried away by the daily grind of routine life and they get controlled by their life rather than controlling it to make happiness possible. Set up a strategy and an action plan to make things better than present. If you let the daily hustle enslave you, you will just survive instead of really living. Explore possibilities and set up your future strategy to be in charge of your life.

Third: Have faith in you!

Value your ideas and aspirations. Believe in who you are. Trust yourself more than you trust anyone or anything else. If you believe you want something and you can get it, go for it. If you wish to become somebody, work towards it. Trust that you CAN do it. Your dream CAN become reality. The faith in you is your greatest point of strength.

Fourth: Act in alignment with your beliefs!

If you believe you have to start your new business, you will begin working towards it. You will prepare a plan, register the business and set a marketing strategy. You will look for a mentor. You will start looking for clients. You will take all actions that are aligned with your belief that you are capable of launching and running a business. You can make it happen. It is planted in the belief and it grows in the action. If you do not believe you can have a business of your own, you will not work towards it. You will not think of an idea, you will not take action to register it. You will not look for a mentor. You will continue to live as you are living and nothing will change. If you wish to make your life better, belief matters and actions create possibilities of success.