Is being dramatic really that bad?

Mindy Kaling is one of my favorite celebrities. She is so relatable and her character Mindy Lahiri from the TV show ‘The Mindy Project’ is truly my spirit animal. Mindy Lahiri is funny, friendly, warm, confident, educated and successful, which makes her a true inspiration for all. Yet, she tends to be dramatic and overreact to certain situations that turn trivial issues into the major crisis. I may not be a successful fierce gynecologist with all the hot men just blatantly falling for my amazing looks and awesome personality, but I surely have rest of her qualities, especially being dramatic and anxious.

Just like Mindy Lahiri, even I sometimes lack patience and tend to make bad decisions in haste. The only difference is dealing with situations in real life is not as easy as they show on TV shows and sitcoms. In the real world, you must face the demons and face all the difficulties. Keeping that mind, Mindy did manage to depict how all of us are challenged by stereotypes and other social vices.

Mindy Lahiri

Image Source: Jordin Althaus/Hulu

I loved how Mindy Lahiri always had a good sense of humor and pretty much managed to glorify being dramatic. Her reactions to situations often led her into trouble but on the other side, creating drama also showed aspects of her personality too. Being a huge Mindy fan made me think: is being dramatic really that bad?

This is the known fact that the term “drama” is always considered as a negative connotation and dramatic people are usually frowned upon. We all know that there are two sides of a coin. Sure, the adverse implications of drama often lead to conflicts, strained relationships and misunderstandings. But on the flip side, it may also reflect on a person’s positive and childlike side too!

I believe that if being dramatic is not harming anyone and you are in control of your actions, then being tad-bit over the top is not such a bad thing. I mean it shows that you know how to take charge of your life, you are great at communicating your feelings and are not scared of taking detours to make the ends meet. Dramatic people live emotionally and sometimes do not think twice before going out of the way for their loved ones. These people are passionate and constantly seek attention.

However, on the flip side, too much drama leads to toxic relationships and stress, which harms your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. If a person is extremely dramatic and drags people into their unsolicited mess, then they need to do a self-assessment and improve the overall outlook of their life. No matter how much we like TV shows and soap operas, at the end of the day those storylines are exaggerations and the actors’ reactions are always extremely dramatic! If you feel your life is oddly like those extreme exaggerations, then you need to so a self-reflection and make some vital changes. If you are in control of your emotions and understand when not to create drama, then some excitement in life will not harm anyone and will keep things exciting. What do you think?