Why your Core Value List is Important

Leadership can be cultivated through self-awareness, transparency, ability to make good decisions and decisiveness. You can build these features by looking inward as everything starts from your self.

Becoming highly sufficient and self-aware is the way forward. If you want your life and business to take quick turns, you need to be efficient and self-aware. If you know your strengths you may build upon them and may get rid of weeds that prevent your success. As a leader you have already identified your core values and your mission. You have a vision in place and are working towards it. Remember you need to focus your mental energy on things of high importance. This focus will take you forward and prevent you from slowing down and taking actions that produce lower results.

I strongly believe in maintaining a journal where I write my core values by hand and remind myself frankly what will take me where I want to be. You must maintain a core value list that will keep you focused on your mission and will have your vision with you. These values must be seen as signals that are pointing out the correct direction for your business always.

This core values list will set your priorities. Your moral principles, your strategic thinking and your business ethics clubbed with your functional priorities should become a part of your list. It will help you with decision making as you will be able to easily eliminate what is not needed and justify your decisions to yourself later. As a believer this core value handwritten list will also ensure integrity and will help in keeping your behavior aligned towards your purpose. You will feel focused and everytime you have achievement you will experience deeper fulfillment.

I admit with time your thoughts and values evolve because you grow. Your experiences change and determine your values. Remember as a leader, your values determine your decisions and your behavior, therefore, revisiting and updating your value list could be crucial in many ways.