Montaha Hidefi

The Color Archaeologist™ – Montaha Hidefi

Montaha Hidefi, renowned as a Color Archaeologist™ and the founder of Color Landing Studio, brings a unique perspective to the world of colors. Born in Venezuela and with a rich professional journey spanning four continents, Montaha is an accomplished color advisor, author, and public speaker with a robust quarter-century background in specialty chemicals and color…

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Debra Basson

Excelling in Business Strategy – Debra Basson

Debra Basson is a visionary strategist renowned for her expertise in simplifying complex business challenges to drive growth and scalability. With a passion for leveraging technology and innovative solutions, Debra has carved a niche in web design and software products, helping businesses of all sizes unlock their full potential. As a seasoned strategist, Debra possesses…

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Neha Kothari Singh

Excelling in Banking & Finance – Neha Kothari Singh

An icon in finance, Neha has over sixteen years of proven track record and extensive experience in the Banking and Financial services across various markets including Dubai, Singapore, Bahrain and India. She has recently been working with an Asset management company with operations in Singapore, Mauritius and Dubai International Financial Centre(DIFC) with responsibilities of managing…

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Kashaana Khan

Cultivating Independence – Kashaana Khan

Kashaana is a small business entrepreneur who has just started her venture with Forever Living – specialising in Aloe Vera-based health and wellness products. Starting her entrepreneurial journey with this well-established health and wellness brand gives her an edge as diversifies from her initial role as a writer of content and legal contracts. Her recent…

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The Exceptional Icon – Sameera Suliman Mohamed

What defines an exemplary global citizen in today’s interconnected world? For Sameera  Suliman Mohamed, the answer lies in dedicating oneself to uplifting communities through social activism, media influence, tolerance promotion and steadfast volunteerism. Through her prolific professional roles and selfless affiliations, this ambitious Emirati has cemented herself as a champion for positive change across the United…

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Education Business

How To Set Up An Education Business In Uae?

With its strong economy, focus on education, and large expatriate population, the UAE presents exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to establish educational businesses. While setting up any business brings complexities, there are ways to streamline the process and get your educational venture off the ground with less headaches. Here are key tips for painless set-up…

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