In alignment with CHERY’s commitment to pioneering product advancement, the brand has chosen to expedite the revamp of its brand model range. CHERY is set to unveil the latest TIGGO 8 crossover, known as the TIGGO 8 PRO MAX model. Anticipated to make its debut in the UAE market during the fourth quarter of 2023.

The model’s design embodies the notion of “Life in Motion,” drawing inspiration from bionic elements to craft a visually appealing aesthetic. The TIGGO 8 PRO MAX’s front grille boasts an innovative 3D matrix design, contributing to a sense of depth through the interplay of light and shadow. Positioned prominently where the radiator grille meets the hood, matrix LED headlights enhance the vehicle’s appearance. The distinctive “squint” adds assertiveness and sophistication to the TIGGO 8 PRO MAX’s overall look.

The prominent contours of the car’s body profile, along with three distinct textured sidelines, a gracefully descending roof towards the C-pillar, and a raised spoiler, collectively infuse the car’s aesthetic with a sense of striking dynamism and agility.

A defining trait of the CHERY TIGGO 8 PRO MAX crossover lies in its rear LED lights, linked by a horizontal light bar. This arrangement enhances the vehicle’s width and stability, thanks to its geometric configuration.

The global design team at CHERY, led by Steve Eum, formerly the head of General Motors’ American design team, spearheaded the model’s design. With previous stints at Ford, Hyundai, and Buick in China and South Korea, he contributed to the creation of renowned vehicles.

The imminent launch of the TIGGO 8 PRO MAX epitomizes CHERY’s commitment to innovative design and engineering, with a distinct blend of aesthetics and functionality. This model stands as a testament to CHERY’s unwavering pursuit of automotive excellence.