Samia Saeed Alameri

The trend setting Corporate Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility leader, Vice Chairperson of DCT Women Council Committee and a Leadership Mentor

Samia Saeed’s Journey

As a dedicated leader in the realm of Women Empowerment, my mission revolves around championing the representation of women in diverse government capacities. One of my pivotal roles involves meticulously reviewing and developing policies catering to women’s evolving needs. For progress to occur, policies must adapt to the changing landscape and adequately address women’s challenges. With a keen focus on nurturing existing talents, I actively cultivate female recognition programs and awards, fostering an environment where women’s contributions are acknowledged and celebrated. By promoting female leadership as a potent force within organisations, sectors, and society at large, I endeavour to break down barriers and pave the way for more inclusive and effective decision-making processes.

A central tenet of my approach is establishing and exhibiting gender equality in concrete terms. Transparency is critical, and I strive to achieve this through comprehensive policies, meticulously compiled figures, and statistics that reflect the progress made. These actions establish a measure of achievement and create a feeling of safety and belonging for women across all positions. Additionally, acknowledging the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the associated difficulties, I support workplace policies that aid women, which involve strategies and initiatives to manage both work and home duties seamlessly.

In essence, my journey as a Women’s Empowerment leader centres on reshaping the narrative, dismantling gender biases, and creating a robust platform where women thrive and lead with distinction, fostering an environment of equality, empowerment, and shared success.

The United Arab Emirates: Belief and Empowerment

The UAE is a global leader in gender parity, showcasing a transformative model for nations worldwide. Rooted in a dedication to equality, the UAE government’s empowerment narrative redefines women’s regional roles. Vital to this vision is economic advancement, recognising that unlocking women’s potential drives sustainable growth. By fostering women’s workforce participation, the UAE taps into untapped potential, elevating diverse sectors and contributing to both GDP and innovation.

Beyond economic benefits, this journey dispels outdated stereotypes about women in the Middle East. The UAE cultivates an environment where women excel academically, professionally, and personally, setting a blueprint for progress. Strategic policies and initiatives, including the Gender Balance Council, illustrate the commitment to inclusivity and representation in decision-making roles. The UAE’s pursuit of gender parity accelerates development and reshapes perceptions, emphasizing that equality propels innovation. In leading this empowerment narrative, the UAE’s message echoes globally: progress flourishes through inclusivity.

The UAE has never backed up in empowering women, and it shows in their belief and support to women in high calibre tasks and responsibilities. From ministers to engineers, astronauts to fighter jet pilots, women have been offered tremendous. opportunities which were nailed by unrivalled results. Women continue to be part of the UAE’s future, with the belief that a prosperous future relies on collaboration and gender equality and parity.

Women’s Council: Commitment to Women
In my role, I contribute strategically to the planning, formulation, and implementation of Council initiatives, collaborating with UAE partners focused on women’s affairs. I ensure effective coordination and communication to support the Council’s tasks, fostering a collaborative environment. Additionally, I integrate recognised best practices into our department’s operations under Council supervision to support women and their position within the organisation while dedicating time to charitable work aligned with the council’s commitment to community and social responsibility.

Furthermore, my role ensures women’s voices are properly heard by top management as valuable support is usually delivered to senior leadership, addressing women’s multifaceted workplace challenges and encounters through comprehensive recommendations and solutions. Moreover, employee-related initiatives are proposed to enhance productivity and optimisation, which supporting policies, guidelines and strategies are formulated that addresses common issues and enhance women’s experiences within the work environment. My unwavering commitment extends to active participation in essential meetings and undertaking tasks assigned by department leaders.