Icon of Quality Education – Archana Merchant

Archana Merchant is the CEO and Founder of Aspire Education Academy and Mind Boosters Educational Services. She has recently won the Leader in Women’s Education Award at Impact Leadership Global Awards 2024. Education creates the very foundations of a nation and educators hold great responsibility towards making a strong and healthy society. Dubai boasts of…

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Jaya Menezes

The Trailblazer in Education – Jaya Menezes

Consistency, clarity of vision, commitment to goals and passion make powerful leaders. Meet with Mrs Jaya Menezes, who has decades of commendable leadership in education, leading larger teams, training professionals, mentoring teachers, motivating and supporting students through years to ensure greater success for everybody around her. Her interview is shared with you in her own…

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Education for Women: Access Denied!

Is Education A Right for ALL? Education is one of the major rights of people. Afghan government has been juggling with understanding this and its history reveals mixed feelings about offering education to its people. There was no formal education in this beautiful country till 1875 when the regime decided to allow its people to…

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