Kim Araman

A Journey with Kim Araman, Career and Leadership Coach in Dubai

In 2019, Kim Araman, a renowned Career and Leadership Coach based in Dubai, was grappling with a subtle feeling of emptiness that seemed to affect her professional life. Despite climbing the corporate ladder and landing roles in exciting Fortune 500 companies, the initial thrill always seemed to fade, leaving her feeling demotivated and unfulfilled. This recurring discontent prompted her…

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Nancy Zakharia Ohanessian – A Talent and Organizational Development Expert and Leadership Coach Impacting Corporate Lives

Nancy has over 15 years of expertise in business and HR practices across various companies and sectors. She is a certified coach, assessor, and talent management expert. She has developed solid relationships and worked with individuals from many socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, honing her social and intercultural savvy. Nancy believes in the value of utilizing…

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