Best Things to do in Dubai this Summer

Summer is never dull in Dubai. With hundreds of fun places in and around Dubai, you will have enough to plan your summer get away. Here are some quick fun ideas for you to enjoy your July in Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai:

If you love diving and need an adventure, Deep Dive Dubai is your thing. Sixty meters deep, Dubai’s best Guinness World Record maker pool is at your feet. Dive, explore, and snorkel … live different moments than what the city life has been offering you during the year. When you Instagram it, you will have a heroic feed for sure.

Dubai Dolphinarium, Creek Park:

For families in Dubai, the Dubai Dolphinarium has always been an attraction. Take your family to this fully air-conditioned indoor house of seals and dolphins; have some fun with these amazing sea creatures. It is an ideal place for hanging out with family over a weekend and make some memories.

The Green Planet, City Walk:

If you did not know about this indoor rainforest before, it is time to have a visit. You may have camping in the rainforest, check out some 3000 species of plants and animals from world over, and be fascinated with this beautiful bio-dome. It is not just a recreational spot, it offers education as well to your kids and family members. During the camping experience the guests may enjoy wonderful hospitality while staying close to nature. I have heard, the Green Planet Cafes serve great delicious breakfast.

Museum of the Future:

Located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, near Emirates Towers, the Museum of the Future invites guests from world over and you may enjoy a visit too. It offers multiple delightful activities such as preview of the exhibition, camps and workshops for children and events for grownup people. It is one of the wonders of the modern world and its great architecture as well as facilities are symbolic of a bright and happy future.

The Farm Dubai and Al Barari:

You must try a trip there getting off the E311 across the motorway from Global Village, The Farm Dubai is a naturally beautiful restaurant that you are likely to fall in love with. You are offered gardens, freshwater stream, waterways, rows of trees, and Al Barari villa in this peaceful area a little away from the city noise. The lush landscape will mesmerize you and you will feel as if you are in Switzerland. The restaurant offers fine dining and you may enjoy Indian, continental, Caribbean, and other cuisines.