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Swati Rajpal is a talented interior designer by profession and the founder of The Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC, Dubai. Her passion for design, colors and energies lies behind her vision for The Vogue Interiors. As we talked with her, she charmed us with her commitment, dedication and creativity. Here is the story behind her journey as an entrepreneur and a leader in interior design and fitouts.

About The Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC:

The Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC is cutting out its competition as an outstanding interiors design company. The dedicated team works with unswerving commitment to provide their clients with exceptional experiences. They are a determined bunch of professionals who will leave no stone unturned in their quest for excellence. From handpicking the most exquisite and superior products to performing rigorous planning and execution for every project, they do it all to only deliver the best. They believe every area deserves to be visually beautiful, strategically designed, and professionally implemented.

Swati states, “We work closely with our clients to fulfil their unique vision. Be it a high-end hotel, corporate office, exquisite private residence, or swanky restaurant, we are fully committed to crafting spaces that embody opulence, luxury, and elegance. Our creations are not only meant to be awe-inspiring but also impactful”.

Swati’s Entrepreneurial Experience:

Swati has been working as an interior designer since the beginning of her career but she has bloomed greatly after launching her own business. She has served multiple clients by making exciting spaces possible for them in domestic as well as commercial realms. Talking about her experience in the field, she shares, “We  are the designers who give concrete shape to our client’s ethereal dreams. Based out of Dubai UAE, we cater to Interior design consultancy services for residential, commercial, retail sector. We stand out in kids’ nurseries, amusement parks, landscape design, project management services, fitouts, joinery and post maintenance services to all our clients”.

Swati believes in working with transparency. She cuts her proposals with logic and involves her clients in suggestions and brainstorming process to ensure optimum design and ambience results are achieved. Speaking about her workstyle she states, “Clients don’t want a riddle to solve. Here in Dubai people don’t have time, and that’s the reason they hire us as their design consultants. They like to rely on us and we respect their trust. When both design and build come under one roof, it works like a cherry on top for them”. Herself with her team is winning it by out-performing for hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Swati’s Motivation:

Self-confidence, passion for my work, Creativity, Integrity, leadership, Continuous learning, optimism, communication and lots of patience have been not just motivators but her saviors during her journey.

Something Swati Cherishes:

Swati cherishes working with her clients. She says, “We do many projects in a year, but there are a few good clients whom you meet and they leave an impact in your life. With us as well, we met few of our good clients over the years who have been amazing. They believed in us, and gave us more confidence. They had faith in our decisions and they honored our talent”.

Swati RajpalSwati’s Business Vision:

The Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC is planning to grow in other parts of GCC. They are looking for partners for this purpose. They envision to be on the top of 5 best and reliable interior and fitout companies in the UAE and the GCC. They have been successfully creating attractive spaces and memorable experiences blended with design, creativity and passion, therefore, expansion makes a large part of their vision.

Advice for mothers and wives:

Swati advises women: “Believe in yourself, manifest your success and do your affirmations every day, that’s when you will see a turnaround in the world. The world will start working for you”.

Here is the SUCCESS CODE!

“Every woman is successful when she is born. She just has to bring her inner self together with confidence and she can conquer any world only if she wants”.

Here is the Growth Ingredient!

Swati Rajpal shares that a determined woman finds growth in everything she does. She states, “The process of growth definitely takes courage; you have to be serious about your goals and targets. It will help in unlocking a whirl of opportunities. You must rely on networking; it makes growth possible. In Dubai, if you are a good networker, you are in business”!

Importance of Work-Life-Balance:  

Balance is important for all – man or woman. Expressing her views about work-life-balance, this amazing interior designer states, “Productivity is higher, absenteeism is lower, physical and mental health improves with a higher commitment and motivation to work but that is possible when you have struck the right balance. Personal relationships can also benefit from achieving this work-life-balance. Make balance a priority”.

Here a glimpse of many projects completed in UAE so far:

The Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC

Swati’s Moments of Glory in BNI:

What goes around, comes around!

I feel so proud to become part of BNI platform. Here, business and you grow together as you connect with members from different categories, different cultures, different thoughts and different aspirations.

By taking little efforts and connecting members to their referrals, magically you get your dream referrals. I was facilitated and recognized by so many awards in the platform of BNI.

“Awards are simply a reflection of our success”.

Why creativity matters?

“Creativity is one of the most important skills for an interior designer. You need to be up to date with the latest trends and popular styles, understand how different spaces can be used, but also be able to come up with exciting and innovative ideas”.

Here is a glimpse of many projects completed in UAE so far:

he Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC

The Soul of Swati’s Business:

“Our brand soul lies in the brand/ identity of our clients. We always stand in our client’s shoes and understand their requirements closely, know the likings, their lifestyle and mainly their brand. We recreate brands and bring them into the real world. We are experts in providing unparalleled value engineering services to our clients without them compromising on the aesthetics of the design. Our clients speak about our purity, integrity and commitment. And 98% business is from word of mouth. isn’t it the answer on its own?” – Says Swati Rajpal.

What makes an office space healthier and more attractive?

An office space can be healthier with bright colors, good lighting, positive vibes, a happy staff, with right mindset and right goals.

When working on homes and villas what are 3 major focal points you always ensure?

“Well, designing homes/villas is a very distinctive art. Always as designers we have to understand the requirements of our clients, their budget and their dreams of having a dream home. We designers have to see the way our clients see, once that is done the problem is solved. Immediately the gelling and trust develops and the process becomes simpler”.

Here is a glimpse of many projects completed in UAE so far:

The Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC

Swati Rajpal’s Special Message:

Like it is important to dress up or have healthy food for our living, it is also very important to live/work/shop/leisure in a well-designed space, which will help you to keep growing in life and reaching your success in lesser time.

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Here is a glimpse of many projects completed in UAE so far:

The Vogue Interiors and Fitouts LLC