Seven Quick Tips For Nursing Moms

Seven Quick Tips For Nursing Moms
  1. Don’t forget to eat

A nursing mom needs lots of energy and nutrients. It is vital for your diet supplies to contain proteins, calcium, and vitamins as well as iron during the breastfeeding period. The new mom needs to eat regularly. Her body works around the clock to produce the baby’s milk. In other words, if you don’t eat properly the body will deplete all the nutrients from its reserve. Keep eating healthy snacks in between to deal with constant hunger.

  1. Drink lots of water

Hydration is important at any stage of one’s life. A breastfeeding mom is feeding not one but two people. Yes, it is true! To stay healthy you need lots of fluids and water. What you drink automatically finds its way into the baby’s system. Did you know that dizziness, dry mouth, and constipation is an indication that a woman has a possible dehydration?

  1. Find a lactation consultant

A lactation consultant gives new moms useful tips like positioning the baby while breastfeeding. The consultant helps you get your baby latched on to your breast appropriately.

  1. Afraid to breastfeed in public?

Pulling off breastfeeding in public is not a walk in the park. Most moms are scared of milk leaks. In case you are in a friend’s house ask for a private room. Carry a large blanket or swaddle blanket to cuddle the baby while you continue to breastfeed in public. Arrange to feed the baby before going out.

  1. When is a breast pump necessary?

Whilst breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby chances are that you will not meet this demand around the clock. The breast pump is an alternative for providing your baby with good milk. If your baby is ill, unable to breastfeed or preterm then schedule for breast pumping. Generally, pumping between 1-6 am when the milk generating hormone is at its peak is good practice.

  1. Establish a breastfeeding sanctuary

Do you have a spare room that you can prepare specifically for nursing your baby? Think about it this way having a rocker and dimming lights in a closed door.  A nursing pillow feels nice especially wrapping your baby around the waist.

  1. Scared of weight gain

Is it hard to get your body back while breastfeeding? Many women are skeptical of ever getting back to their old self. The bottom line is a hungry and sleep-deprived new mom often craves for carbs to make up for lost sleep. Losing weight can be a tall order. Give yourself at least 9 months to pick up where you left. The first few weeks after giving birth are comparable to boot camping.

Breastfeeding period is the best time to bond with your baby. How to pull it off in public remains the challenge. A veteran mom may have had the horrible experience with her older kids. Also, a first-time mom may feel scared too.