6 Things No One Tells You about Sex after Childbirth

6 Things No One Tells You about Sex after Childbirth

Babies are a bundle of joy but the process of childbirth may come wrapped with its own challenges. Women suffer from emotional changes after childbirth because of discomfort and the demands of a newborn. Here are a few secrets we are highlighting that most people will rarely mention.

Does breastfeeding prevent pregnancy?

It is not entirely true birth control method unless you are not scared of getting another. Your periods can resume a month after giving birth. You need to breastfeed exclusively for the next 6 months assuming your periods are not yet back. Use birth control each time you have sex after childbirth.

Is sex the same after childbirth?

A woman is not only recovering physically but also attending to the attention-seeking baby. Whether you had virginal birth or C-section your sex fitness, concerns are valid. Did you know that bonding with the baby helps your sex life? Childbirth helps release love hormone Oxytocin to connect with the little one. Oxytocin is the same hormone you require to connect with your partner and want to be around them all the time.

Is there anything I can do to improve sex after childbirth?

Childbirth comes with new roles the challenge is juggling between babies and sex life. Having more children is not equivalent to less sex. Harriet is a mother of two and she confesses enjoying sex than before. She acknowledges how her biggest adjustment was moving from zero to one child. What’s her secret? She gives herself time to literally heal in addition to adjusting to her new roles. Undeniably, honesty with her partner plays a key role in improving her sex life after birth. With children around life can be chaotic but she creates time to fool around with her partner.

Vaginal changes

Are you wondering whether you will recover after childbirth? Women worry if their vaginal size will bounce back to its pre-birth state. Of course, delivery using the C-section does not affect the vagina. Your vagina is elastic, therefore it expands and retracts. It gets back almost to its original state unless you experienced one of the worst traumatic tears of 3rd to 4th degree. Besides tear, the vagina bruises swell and stretches.

Wellness exercises

Kegel wellness exercises during pregnancy help your vagina get back at least to its original shape.  Try the exercise 5 minutes each day thrice a day before and after birth. Vaginal health is important in improving your sex life after birth. Ask your doctor before starting any health and fitness exercises during pregnancy.

What women Recover from after childbirth

Mothers need to lay out a plan to quickly recover from the childbirth and regain their health. Lochia is vaginal discharge women experience after giving birth either through C-section or through vaginal birth. Sometimes the bleeding is heavier than menstruation and takes about 10 days after birth. These are mucus or leftover blood from the uterus. It tapers off in the next few weeks.

Production of Oxytocin hormone triggers pelvic cramps, particularly when breastfeeding. The contractions are short-lived and last for only a few weeks to let the uterus go back to normal. It may be difficult to pee after vaginal delivery because of bruising of the bladder. Women who deliver through Cesarean section experience certain symptoms such as constipation, nausea, and exhaustion.

Finally, don’t keep it to yourself if you feel you cannot take care of the baby. Speak to your partner or your doctor.  Your wellness comes first.