PR worked for Apple, Will it Work for your Brand?

Have you ever thought about why Apple is different from other brands?

Many would say it is because of,

  • Innovation
  • Plain and simple
  • User-friendly

Others might have some other opinions as well.

Ok, allow me to propose you a question.

How Apple as a brand evolved over a period of time?

Did you remember in January 2007, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils a minor piece of a rectangle to the world?

You would have recognized what happened next.

It literally altered how we communicated. And the rest is history…

Awesome isn’t it?


I want to seize you to the back door to comprehending how Apple used PR cleverly to launch every unique product.

Have you ever heard of the buzzword?

Definitely, that’s what movie people do whenever they announce their first look or title. As might be expected, it creates interest and attention. I think no one would have constantly utilized it like Apple in this century so far.

PR strategy has helped Apple to successfully launch products from the beginning.

Many businesses also copied the PR strategy of Apple after that. And it is still relevant even today…

And over here represent two PR strategies you can use for your business to launch any products online and offline.

It’s evergreen stuff as always.

It is none other than,

  • Generating a buzz
  • Accommodating an event

I perceive what you imagine, yeah, there are a few to add to the list. But we are instantly looking into some stuff that Apple handled for launching their products.

What do I suggest by generating a buzz? As I said, movies employ it very well. Presently it is even straightforward for you to do with the help of social media. It is elegantly recognizable before launching any product you should generate interest among the target audiences. Apple is recognized for that.

Brainstorm with your team and come up with some ideas on how to arouse interest among the target customers. Ask this question: How can I generate a buzz for my product launch?

And the second one is relatively familiar to you. It is none other than conducting an event to gain the attention of the media and influencers.

I know you are now feeling overwhelmed.

That’s where a proper PR agency can aid you with all these things. I have mentioned only two strategies, but as I said, there are a few on the bucket list. That we will be witnessing in the upcoming blog posts.

Using clever PR campaigns will help to launch your products successfully to gain potential customers, and it will increase brand awareness & sales.