Are you sick and tired of unhealthy weight gain? So let’s get busy and learn how to lose weight fast without exercise.  In order to lose weight without taking pills or exercise the first thing you do is to follow the weight loss tips faithfully.

  1. Eat fiber-rich food

A high fiber diet is vital for your weight loss and great for the gut. Fiber-rich foods like whole grains and green vegetables don’t ferment in the colon walls. One of the oldest weight loss tips is regularizing the digestive system by consuming fiber. The fiber in legumes such as beans introduces good bacteria in the colon to help an individual control their sugar levels. Use whole grains rather than the refined ones for effective weight loss.

  1. Drinking water on a regular basis

Most health evangelists have carried out studies concerning water and weight loss. Water increases the number of calories an individual burns. According to another study drinking 0.5 liters of water increases the calories you burn in an hour. Drinking water before a meal can reduce your appetite, particularly for older and middle-aged people. It means you eat less food. In your fat loss guide, reducing your sugar-sweetened beverages with water can reduce a 4-year weight gain by 1.1lbs or 0.5 kg. Although daily recommended intake of water is 2 liters or 8 glasses in a day, this varies from one individual to another. Water is 100% calorie-free drink that is helpful for weight loss.

  1. Serve smaller portions

If you are overweight or looking forward to reducing your weight, one thing you need to contend with is the food portion control. Sweets and high-calorie deserts fill up our homes.  Use a fat loss guide to learn how to replace the bad food with healthier choices. Most foods high in calories are high in fats (pasta, pizza, chips, fries, and hamburger) and sugar (soft drinks, alcohol) content.

  1. Chew your food properly and eating slowly

fat loss guideThe hormones largely control a person’s appetite. After you have had a meal, the gut suppresses hunger hormone ghrelin but releases the hormones that signal you are full. When you slow down the process of eating the hormones will tell the brain that you are actually full. When you chew your food thoroughly it promotes slow eating. In a study, researchers discovered that people who chew their food faster tend to gain more weight. Eating slowly helps bodies absorb the nutrients faster.

  1. Increase protein intake

Did you know that increasing protein could reduce your appetite and change your metabolism? Proteins use various mechanisms to cut down your belly fat. A high protein intake reduces the level of hunger hormones. Protein suppresses Ghrelin, a hunger hormone that instructs you to eat. In fact, if you hear the stomach rumbling it ghrelin.

Finally, there are numerous weight loss programs give priority to what works well for you. Losing weight involves more than following a fat loss guide. Weight gain may result from a lack of self-confidence and depression caused by a number of factors such as frustrations at your place of work.