Barbara Amerio – CEO Amer Yachts Innovates to Drive toward Sustainable Future

Barbara Amerio

Tell us about your journey as a business woman, especially as CEO of Amer Yachts – Gruppo Permare.

“I have started working about thirty years ago, in a field where there were not so many women, at least not in apical positions. Today, I am the CEO and sustainability director of Amer Yachts – Gruppo Permare. I started a few decades ago with a diploma in international brokerage and a lot of will to grow and become one of the first female CEOs in yachting industry.

Working in a male dominated industry like yachting means you have to be clever to select a proper area of skills without any imposition, be a patient listener, and rely on transparency with your team so that new changes and rough decisions can be made easily. As a female leader, I have grown naturally by keeping the room open for discussion with stakeholders and clients. I have sparingly invested in sustainability and innovation for business process and products. One of the major lessons from my work experience of more than thirty years is that the long life of any company depends on the right decisions taken by its leaders, therefore, a CEO should not be undecided. He or she should make discrete and timely choices.

Share facts about your business.

“You are lucky to be an Italian if you are working in luxury. Beauty and aesthetics are priority for Italians, therefore, they strive to ensure superior quality. I work in the limited production of super yachts, therefore, I have to think in international way, use best options in export and provide the best product and services to the clients. In my efforts to ensure we are able to keep our promise of offering the best in luxury at Amer Yachts, I have been focusing to keep myself at pace with new trends. Sustainability is one of the important aspects in my business. I recently obtained RINA certification to oversee our sustainability initiatives.

How do you incorporate sustainability in your work?

“Sustainability is a part of my DNA as from a very young age, I have been taught to avoid wasting resources. I love and respect the beauty of nature. The oceans are considered among my first stakeholders in building a thriving life. Sustainability is taken care of by our clients as well as the professional crew on board the yachts. We work hard to ensure the sea and its creatures do not suffer due to our business activities.

I believe for a stronger green era, all stakeholders have to prioritize eco-friendly practices. All of us have to think different, be brave to adopt new technologies first and new processes too. I’ve studied the unique uses of basalt fiber for recycling at end of life of a yacht. We are testing this new composite in a new yacht and the potential owner is more than happy to know that he will become the first owner of the first super yacht with a sustainability revolution on board, a milestone of research and innovation. We have involved many stakeholders in the supply chain to achieve our goal in this testing project.

What are major challenges faced by entrepreneurs today?

“Entrepreneurs brave challenges when they are ready to adapt to new trends and economic circumstances and are clever learners. I believe entrepreneurs will experience less challenges in a more balanced economic system that cherished human values and ethics. Open-mindedness saves from bias and allows more growth. I advise entrepreneurs to be ready to invest in new production for sustainability to facilitate the United Nations AGENDA 2030.

What are some of the best practices a business leader needs to foster?

“A business leader has to be an innovator or should have a team around him that may innovate. He or she must read extensively and learn consistently to be ahead of others. Collaboration is key to the future success, therefore, a true leader will always find different ways to collaborate. Moreover, I believe, sustainability also means sharing experiences and successful tips to grow together.

What is your plan for the next 5 years?

“My aim is be the first shipyard to build a full recyclable yacht for reducing emissions. It will be an offering to the problems of sea-pollution through yachting.

What is your strongest motivating force?

“My daughter and my nephews motivate me as they are young and yet very dedicated towards sustainability work. I see a bright future in younger generation due to their strong sense of responsibility.

Your message to our readers.

Each one of us can influence the green change by a single small action, a recommendation or a good example to adopt eco-friendly practices. I am here to plant a seed of positive change and show that all women are strong and capable of making good things possible through their commitment.